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5 Smart Features for a Truly Earth-Friendly Car

5 Smart Features for a Truly Earth-Friendly Car

Truly Earth-Friendly Car

It’s true that one man alone can’t entirely change the world – or is it? There have been many examples throughout the history of our planet where individuals had and still have huge impact on everything, such as Nikola Tesla, for example. Nobody’s expecting from you to be the game-changer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do something for the Earth. If you switch to cars whose manufacturers actually care for the environment, you’ll be able to help at least a bit, and on top of that you’ll be affecting others who might change their opinion just because you opted for such choice.

Air purifiers

Most of you have probably heard about the Tesla Model S, which represents a combination of marvelous design and extreme environment care. Just one out of many fascinating features it owns is the air purifying system, enabling this vehicle to get rid of 99.97% of certain pollutants. Thankfully, this is something we’ll be seeing in many cars as manufacturers have realized the importance of it.

Hybrid engine

Just think of a casual city drive: The first thing that comes to mind is probably the traffic jam, including sitting at traffic lights, too. This means your car is in neutral for a long time, and if you don’t turn it off, it’s bad for your engine. That’s why hybrid engines can safely switch between gas and electric mode, depending on the situation. With the advancement of smart features as these, it comes as no surprise that the new bachelor course in transportation design at IED Barcelona teaches students how to anticipate and cater the needs of society and individuals regarding the manufacturing of vehicle and transportation systems.

5 Smart Features for a Truly Earth-Friendly Car

Emission sensors

The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stated that all vehicles have to cap emissions in order to keep our Earth safe. There are plenty different sensors and controllers for emission reduction, meaning that vehicle makers don’t really have an excuse for not opting for this kind of solution. Of course, some of the things you should be paying attention to while buying an Earth-friendly car, are standards in your country. Make sure that your car passes those standards regarding the emission.

Reduced weight

The ultimate goal of reducing your car’s weight is achieving more suitable gas mileage. One of the ways for attaining that is using recycled materials from which you can get light-weight metals for your vehicle. By doing this, you’re allowing your car to be more aerodynamic. Without going too deep into this field, the more aerodynamic car is, the better the gas mileage will be. Aside from that, manufacturers decided to give up on the fine look of the cars’ inside, in order to further reduce the weight. Although most of us love seeing leather, using durable fabric is way more green.

Accident prevention devices

One might question how an accident preventing device can be considered as earth-friendly, but it actually is. The point is that any car accident costs a lot, and let’s not forget the fact that the smoke from the crash as well as cars ending up in the water or somewhere far from the road don’t actually help reduce the pollution. This is exactly why having radar alerts installed in your vehicle can help the planet. The design notifies the driver if the car is too close to another car, and it even has a feature of automatic braking which triggers in certain situations.

Switching your lifestyle to the more environment-safely one doesn’t take too much effort and it doesn’t require you to give up on too many things, and yet it can bring so much to the world we’re living in. Just think about all the things that you can do just by opting for some of the previously-mentioned features, and upgrade your vehicle. The world may not change today, but you can help make that day come sooner.

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