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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Living Green: Enjoy Nature in a Healthy Way

living green

Living Green

Every season comes with its own set of aesthetic appeal and predominant colors in nature. This is why cold weather serves as no excuse when it comes to planning an outing into the wilderness. There is always something new to discover as you stroll through the landscape untouched by man. However, one of the important matters you should adhere to is keeping that landscape looking as if no human has threaded over it. With that in mind, if living green is your credo, here’s how to enjoy nature in a healthy way.

Have an eco-friendly picnic

One of the most beloved activities in nature is organizing a relaxing picnic with your family. After all, humans almost universally love to eat more than anything else! While this means that you have to go through a more detailed set of preparations (including the preparation of food), it can turn out to be one of the most relaxing occasions you will enjoy that month. However, you should also go out of your way to adopt some eco-friendly ideas and precautions in order to, as the title of the article suggests, enjoy nature in a healthy way.

For example, disposable dishes and cutlery are out of the question unless you have bought a dedicated set of strengthened trash bags which will be disposed of at the nearest recycling facility. If not, either your own steel cutlery will do or purchase a set of reusable wooden forks and spoons which will be reserved for occasions such as these. Avoid using Styrofoam containers and purchase high-quality long-lasting Tupperware dishes. The same goes for water bottles – the plastic variants you can purchase in your regular daily store tend to be the biggest polluters out there. If you have children, teach them that cleaning after you have finished is not something that is simply optional – it is an obligation.

Make a media diary

Bringing a set of cameras along for the ride to create a collage of photos and videos in order to make a media diary of this joyous outing is a pretty innocuous and responsible way to enjoy nature. It can also be turned into an amazing creative outlet and a hobby. You can easily get yourself busy with capturing the most sumptuous details, textures and sites along the trail.

While your phone camera is almost certainly quite up to the task, take it up a few notches and purchase a GoPro Hero action camera from Strathfield car radios in  order to create a blood-pumping video that will fully encapsulate the exciting diversity of natural landscapes. Actually, an entire set of such small terrain cameras can come in handy if you really want to inspect tight spaces and shrubbery. Due to the incredible advancements in tech, you can now make an extremely detailed and intimate video of nature in all of its glory.

An “unplugged” hike

It has become a well-known and often quoted fact that scientific research has proven that 30 minutes spent in nature once a week does wonders for your immunity. This is why, every now and then, a relaxing hike with your friends or family members can do wonders for you. However, we often tend to drag “digital residue” along with us – in form of phones and other small portable devices. In so many ways, we are simply addicted to the digital realm.

Accordingly, the most radical and eco-friendly way to enjoy nature is to actually “unplug” completely, leave every device behind (preferably, in a nearby car) and go on a hike through greenery, surrounded by nothing but the wholesome natural sounds and scents. On the one hand, you are enjoying a very “green” activity in every conceivable sense of that word. On the other, you are treating your mind and body to a welcome “electrical detox”.

We live in a time when global human population has adopted an unprecedented stance towards nature. Throughout our history, nature was this mysterious force not to be reckoned with, an assembly of elements against which we can and should fight. Today, nature does not represent a threat it once did. It is a concept of fascination to most people and it is seen as something that should be treasured. There is hardly a better way to truly appreciate all the nuances and jaw-dropping details of nature than if you embark on regular hikes and picnics through the well kept landscapes. Just make sure to treat the green the way you would treat your own house and backyard – with care and respect.

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Article written for by, Diana Smith: Full time mom of two beautiful girls, a great animal and nature lover and a passionate traveler