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El Dorado Cantina, Las Vegas

El Dorado Cantina

El Dorado Cantina

Our gorgeous 181-seat restaurant and lounge serves authentic Mexican cuisine that beautifully represents the vast culinary traditions of various regions of Mexico. We believe in sustainably-raised products, which means that all of our beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and fish originate from carefully-selected farms in the U.S. and are free from antibiotics, pesticides, and steroids.

In our bar, you can expect to find:

  • Exquisite white, red, and sparkling Sangrias made in-house from fresh fruit
  • More than 100 Tequilas, such as AsomBroso 11 year-aged vintage and Clase Azul Ultra
  • Assorted domestic, import, and specialty craft beers including: Samuel Pure Organic Lager and Day of the Dead IPA
  • Red and white house wines
  • Bottle service on dozens of spirits

For more information about our selections of beer, wine, and spirits, please visit our menu page!

Our cantina maintains a refined and sophisticated decor and welcoming atmosphere created by rich, dark woods, hand-woven and deep red wall coverings, as well as elegant antique furnishings. Such furnishings include: two aged antique Mexican oak and copper doors hung near the bar, wrought-iron Mexican light fixtures which add a soft lighting ambiance, several antique mirrors, and custom-built lighted birch boxes which showcase our premium Tequilas.

When in Las Vegas Nevada, I encourage you to make time and visit, El Dorado Cantina, A truly special dinning experience. The first time I visited, I was not only impressed by the menu, and the quality of the food, footage of a live concert performance of Shakira was playing on the T.V. screens throughout the restaurant with excellent audio! The food, Music and Spirits made for a memorable dinning experience, that I like to keep reliving when in Las Vegas.