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Home Building with the Environment In Mind

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Home Building

Green or eco-friendly is the way to go; there is no question about it. A few years ago, this was maybe a toss-up because of how cost-effective green technology was back then. However, things are completely different today. Every year, we get new green solutions for various aspects of our life. If you want to drive an eco-friendly car, you can buy a Tesla; if you want to save money on energy, you can install solar panels, etc.

However, we are not here to talk about electric cars, solar phone chargers and other similar gadgets; there are plenty of articles about that. Instead, we would like to give some attention to the not-so-explored topic of green home building techniques. Yes, there are ways to build a self-sustaining, eco-friendly house that won’t cost you a fortune, and we are here to tell you exactly how to do that. So, if we have your attention, let us begin.

Natural materials where possible

When building a home: building an eco-friendly house, it is essential to use renewable and natural materials. Concrete, bricks, and other standard materials that are used in construction have a huge environmental impact. If you want to do as little damage to the environment as possible, you should consider going for materials like bamboo, cork, linoleum, and similar. It is hard to go completely green with the materials, but if you manage to do so even a bit, it will make a big difference.

Size matters

There is an unwritten rule when building an eco-friendly house and it goes something like this: No matter how eco-friendly your house is, the bigger it is, the bigger the impact on the environment it will have. Size really matters when it comes to going green. Therefore, I guess our advice would be to build only as much as you need. Of course, we are not saying you should live in a shack, but maybe you shouldn’t build that second floor if you don’t plan on using it.

Take care of your trash

Construction sites are generally messy and not very eco-friendly. Dust and debris are everywhere, not to mention the heavy-duty machinery that is used in the process. Frankly, you can’t do much about it, but what you can do is take proper care of that trash. Recycling is a huge part of the green movement and for all the right reasons.

Dumping trash and debris from a construction site is not the same as tossing a garbage bag into a dumpster. It should be taken to a proper recycling plant, and the easiest way to do that is to hire professionals who are experienced in that field. There are plenty of companies that offer rubbish removal in Sydney just make sure ‒ that they are licensed and actually eco-friendly.

Living roofs

One of the best and most beautiful solutions for eco-friendly construction is to make the roof of your home green and we mean actually green. There is a great trend in ‒ the green community where they plant all sorts of plants on their rooftops. The socalled living roofs are beautiful to look at, and they also serve as insulation, increasing your home`s energy-efficiency. Sure, it might cost a few extra bucks to install them, but it will all pay off in the end.

There are many more green construction solutions on the market, varying in both price and accessibility. We decided to settle for these four because pretty much anyone can afford them; they are easy to implement, and you will be doing the environment a big favour.

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Article written for by, Diana Smith, Full time mom of two beautiful girls, a great animal and nature lover and a passionate traveler.