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Energy Efficient Homes: A Buyer’s Guide

energy efficient homes

Energy Efficient Homes

Environmentalism has become more than just a passing trend in the 21st century, rather it has become a way of life for many mindful individuals across the globe, and the movement is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year.

The world is experiencing climate changes which have never been seen before in human history, and people are starting to experience the consequences of reckless pollution. Terrible droughts, the lack of natural resources, vanishing flora and fauna, pollution ? these are just the beginning stages of what will be a global catastrophe. The time has come for a change.

Fortunately, you can contribute to the battle against global warming and also live a healthier life while cutting down on upkeep costs and making substantial financial savings by simply introducing eco-friendly solutions in your own house. Here is your buyer’s guide to an energy efficient home.

Mind the size

When it comes to buying an energy efficient home, the size is essential. A bigger house will require more energy on an annual level in order to operate smoothly. You will have to make larger financial investments in order to keep the space warm or cool, and if you do not have a good insulation system in place, you are looking at a financial disaster in the future.

A smaller house can certainly have more than a single storey, just on a smaller scale. Still, it will certainly do wonders for long-term energy efficiency, requiring less energy on a daily basis.

energy efficient homes

Inspect old bills

Asking to see the electricity bills from past years will give you a good indication as to the amount of energy a house consumes on average. Inspecting the bills thoroughly will not only give you an idea of the house’s energy expenditure, but more importantly, you will find out where the most wasteful areas of the house are. This will give you the opportunity to make adequate changes and introduce energy-efficient solutions in those critical areas.

Rely on a professional

While it is possible to inspect your house-to-be yourself, you should always stay vigilant and allow a home inspector to follow up on your initial inspection with professional tools that can reveal structural and other problems you wouldn’t be aware of before it’s too late.

Genuine professionals, as these Brisbane-based specialist for building inspections, can inspect the house thoroughly using thermal imaging, in addition to examining the premises for pests, safety concerns, and providing you with detailed reports about the state of your future home. Remember, a pre-purchase inspection is always a smart option, no matter if you’re buying an energy-efficient home or a traditional house.

Search for signs of efficiency

Finally, you want to inspect the house for efficiency during your tour. Look for low-flow labelling on toilets and sinks as well as energy-efficient declarations on all of the appliances. Energy efficient homes should boast eco-friendly appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and cooktops.

Moreover, you want to check if the previous owner went the extra mile in order to create a truly green living environment. The house should already have efficient LED lighting, tankless water heaters, and solar panels. If not, make sure one of your first major investments is directed towards installing solar panels as they will allow you to establish financial and energy independence. You will be able to harness clean energy without harming the environment or fellow humans.

Energy efficient homes are becoming a staple in modern societies, and while it is not always easy to find one, you can use this simple guide when narrowing down your choice in order to make the best possible decision and ensure a lifetime of health and happiness. If you want to make your home energy efficient, read this guide on how to make an energy efficient home.

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