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7 Simple Ways You Can Be More Green


7 Simple Ways

Are you contemplating making eco-friendly changes around your house? There are multiple ways to achieve a greener home if you make a few small, easy to implement changes in your everyday life. Take a look at these seven simple things you can do to make a difference and help out the planet.


  • Switch to green cleaners: Green cleaners reduce air pollution both outdoors and in. The use of green cleaners minimizes exposure to allergy triggers and asthma and chemicals that are detrimental to your health. Utilize products composed largely of plants – the labels should have a comprehensive list of ingredients.


  • Upgrade your insulation: Add insulation to prevent leaky ducts, windows, doors and walls to improve your home’s energy by up to 30 percent. If updating your insulation is not in your budget, opt for insulated curtains that can keep the cold out air during the winter months and in during the summer months. Another alternative is to use a draft guard on the outside of your doors to reduce air flow.


  • Donate items: Some estimates say that each piece of clothing donated, more than 25 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced than if that item had been placed in a landfill. The next time you sort through your belongings, make the decision to give items to a charity, take them to a thrift store or sell them online.


  • Save water any way you can: Find ways to cut down on water use in your home and outdoors. Some things you can do are turning off the water while you wash up, brush your teeth and you wash your hands. The average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day! It’s simple to do your part to use less water at home, and make an effort to save water when traveling and at the office too.


  • Ditch your junk car: Look online to find places that will recycle your vehicle. Car recycling for cash is a good way to make sure you do your bit to help the environment. When a vehicle is recycled, the hazardous materials are harvested and recalled, reducing the amount of waste and contaminants that negatively affect the environment.  Car parts like tires are and wheels can be fully re-purposed, making recycling your car a great way you can help out the Earth.


  • Use safe cookware: The materials you use to cook impact the food you consume. Cast iron, enamel coasted cast iron and stainless steel are the safest choices. While non-stick pans are convenient, they are problematic if the coating ends up in your food.


  • Reduce your use of pesticides and bug sprays: Prevention is the way to go to control pests. Keep your kitchen free of crumbs and seal any holes in the cracks of your foundation so you won’t need to use chemicals in your home. Search for home remedies or green alternatives if you do require pest control.


While you may not feel that you alone can make a difference, you can if you practice these small lifestyle changes. A few small adjustments to your daily live really add up when it comes to becoming an environmentally friendly homeowner.

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