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Sustainable Living, Not a Distant Dream Anymore

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sustainable living

Sustainable Living 

Global warming affects every single part of our lives. The ice caps are melting, we have ozone holes above the poles and the majority of large metropolitan areas struggle with high concentration of exhaust fumes. It’s clear that humankind has been galloping towards a polluted and apocalyptic future for decades. Because of that, scientists and the UN have brought some practical ecological measures that should slow down the decline of “the blue planet”. Thanks to those policies and various technological improvements, today you can easily lead a sustainable life (sustainable living). The following points will show you how.

Recycle and reuse whenever possible

More often than not we buy new things only because of impactful advertising. Of course, when an old household appliance stops working, it’s necessary to get another one. Still, some people ditch a five-year old washing machine only because they want a new model. What you can do to reduce your personal impact on the environment is buy used appliances and devices. It will bring a two-fold benefit. Firstly, you’ll save some money, which is always good news. Secondly, you’ll keep using a product that’s still in good shape. The production of every new device leaves carbon footprints all over the place, so bear that in mind. Moreover, some governments insist that their citizens behave in an eco-friendly way and reuse or recycle as much as they can. Read how the Government of Japan ecoeducates their citizens here.

Use efficient devices

In relation to the previous paragraph, when buying second-hand devices, check their energy label. Different countries and communities bring specific efficiency categorization of electric devices. For instance, in the USA, that’s the Energy Star program. In the European Union, those categories are labeled with different letters of alphabet, from A-level (green color) as the most efficient to F and G (red color) levels, which are the largest consumers of energy. The Australian Government, on the other hand, uses the Energy Rating Label system. The point is that buying a second-hand device with low energy efficiency isn’t a good solution. So, take this criterion into consideration when buying your devices.

Abandon plastic

Everybody knows that plastic is a non-degradable material. And yet, you’ll see many people still using plastic bags and bottles. The use of the latter has increased due to the rise of the water industry. A recent report published by The Guardian brings some shocking facts about the environmental impact of plastic. Since it’s an oil derivative, about 8% of all the oil in the world is used for producing plastic. Moreover, about 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every single year. Also, the plastic industry wastes a lot of drinking water, as well. When you see all these facts, it’s clear that you should get several cotton bags and use them for shopping.

Ditch the car – stay healthy

An average American consumes about 350 gallons (1 gallon = 3.78 liters) of gas annually. Moreover, 26% of the overall greenhouse-gas footprint in the USA was caused by transportation in 2016. Therefore, it’s high time we all reduced the use of cars and turn to healthier means of transportation. Public transportation is one of great options. Modern trams and trolley buses are powered by electric energy, which is increasingly generated from renewable sources. On the other hand, warm seasons and flat terrains are perfect for bikes. On the one hand, you don’t waste energy and you reduce air pollution. On the other, cycling improves health and the overall state of the body. As for your health, it’s also important that you nurture your mind and body at work, as well. In line with that, you should insist on ergonomic commercial fitout in your office. Such equipment will enable you to keep a good posture and make your office career last longer.

Turn to green food

Due to the fast-rising global population, food is becoming one of the major global issues. In order to provide enough food for everyone, large companies have to go with mass production. Their main goal is to achieve high crop yields with low investments. However, this leads to a decline in the quality of food products. This is why people should turn to ecologically produced food. The most convenient way to obtain healthy food is to grow it in your own garden. What you need is a patch of land and a greenhouse. Also, if you go for a solar greenhouse and add best solar panels to it, you’ll waste no electricity. Unfortunately, many people in cities can’t go that way. Nevertheless, you can still
buy organic food that wasn’t treated with any chemicals. That way, you’ll ensure that your family eats healthy food. What’s more, you’ll help that field of economy. Sustainability isn’t a matter of budget. It’s a matter of choice and awareness. Nowadays, technology can help us support ecology. So, if we all become as ecologically efficient as possible, we can turn things around and make this planet a blue and green paradise of healthy and happy people, just like it used to be.

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Article written by Stacey Cooper