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5 Eco Friendly Ways to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

5 eco frendly ways to cool down

5 Eco Friendly ways To Cool Down

When the high summer temperature becomes unbearable, the first thing most of us do is close all the doors and windows and turn the AC on. However, cooling down this way can be expensive, and not to mention the energy it uses and how all the air conditioners affect the environment. So, if you want some eco-friendly ideas to keep your home heat-free this summer, just stay focused and keep reading.

Close the blinds

This solution might sound too simple to be effective, but a huge chunk of the undesired heat enters our homes through the windows. Using blackout curtains or blinds of light colors can be very helpful, especially if your windows are on the west and south sides of your home. This way, your indoor temperatures can be several degrees lower, which can help you save money on bills and make your long summer days more endurable.

Use a fan

Instead of turning the AC on as soon as it gets hot, opt for a more energy-efficient solution. There are various kinds of portable fans, from the small table-top to the free-standing ones, and they are all a great way of keeping the air in your home fresh and ventilated. When it comes to fans, one of the best options are the fixed, ceiling fans, which function by cooling you down, by causing the moisture on your skin to evaporate. And since they regulate your own body temperature, instead of the temperature of the room they’re in, there’s no real point in keeping them on
while nobody’s there. Plus, they will use far less electricity than a standard air conditioner, which you will happily notice when your bills arrive.

Cool down your yard

Keeping the indoor area of your home is usually the priority, but most people enjoy spending time outdoors in summer, which is why you should keep the temperatures in your garden pleasant as well. You can achieve this by planting high trees with lush treetops, or getting a water feature, such as a small fountain, a cascade or a pool. Another way to go is to install one of the amazing shade structures available on the market. They range from big patio umbrellas and shade sails to unique retractable roof pergolas. All of these shade structures come in various colors and water-, heat- and wind-resistant materials, which means that, other than offering functionality, they can be very decorative and turn your yard into an oasis of fresh air and bright colors.

Make use of the night air

Opening the doors and windows during the day to create draft doesn’t make much sense, since you’ll have more heat than fresh air enter your home. However, if you wait for the sun to go down and the temperatures outside to drop, you can use the cool night air to create an enjoyable air-flow inside. You can even combine this with one or two portable fans, to create a wonderful cross breeze through your rooms. By cooling down your home at night, and keeping the heat from the moment the sun comes up, there will be no need for you to use your air conditioner and waste valuable energy on something that can be achieved naturally.

Avoid creating heat inside

If you decide to cook your meal in the middle of the day, be prepared for the additional heat your stove or your oven will create. Instead, you could cook your meal in the evenings, or use the sunny weather to step outside and have a barbecue in your yard. Another thing that could help is getting rid of your incandescent light bulbs, which emit a lot of heat. Avoid opening your refrigerator much, since it can increase the temperature of its motor, and subsequently your room. Turn the TV off and keep as many useful green plants in your home as you can to lower the temperatures.

There’s no need to spend a lot of energy or money on air conditioning. Keep yourself and this planet healthy and cool by being smart and resourceful in keeping the blazing heat at bay.

Article written for by; Diana Smith: Full time mom of two beautiful girls, a great animal and nature lover and a passionate traveler