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Solar Energy? Here’s what you need to know

solar energy

Solar Energy

We spend a fortune on electricity, yet the most powerful energy source in the universe is free. As central London estate agent LDG puts it, “The power that the sun provides our tiny planet in just one hour is enough to meet our energy needs for a whole year, so if you’re worried that solar power won’t be strong enough for your home, don’t be.” If you want to do your bit for the environment and have a great source of energy for your home, take a look at our pros and cons.


  • It’s totally renewable. As long as the sun is in the sky, we’ll be able to harness its power to heat our homes. Unlike other types of energy, we can’t run out of solar power– so until the sun eventually dies (about 5 billion years from now) it’ll keep giving us what we need.
  • It’ll save you money. Ok, so there is an initial outlay when you invest in solar energy, but it will almost certainly save you money in the long run. Better still, any energy that you don’t use will be sent back to the grid and you’ll receive a bonus payment, allowing you to save in your bank account as you save the world!
  • It’s flexible. “Solar energy can be used for electricity, heating and even to distill water in areas without clean supplies,” they explain at Denhan Guaranteed Rent.
  • It’s low maintenance. Solar energy systems are easy to look after and require very little maintenance – in fact, most suppliers will give you a 25 year guarantee from the outset, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling in regular inspections and safety checks like you do with gas and electricity.


Of course, there are a few disadvantages that come with solar power too. For some people, the initial set up cost is too high- you should expect to pay about £5,000 for installation. Although that’s more than half of what it was a decade ago, it’s still enough to put those on a tighter budget off taking the leap.

Also, unsurprisingly, solar power is all about the weather. It works best when the sun is bright, and although you’ll still receive power on cloudy days it won’t be as efficient.  Some people also believe that solar power is associated with pollution, due to the hazardous materials involved in the production of solar photovoltaics. That said, overall the pollution involved with solar power is far less than that associated with other energy sources, so if you’re wanting to look after the environment it’s still your safest bet.

Marylebone estate agent Kubie Gold has the final word: “If you can afford the initial outlay, solar power can help you save a fortune in monthly bills and it’s much better for the environment than other types of energy such as gas, oil and electricity.”

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