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Retrofit existing homes to be more energy efficient

retrofit existing homes

Retrofit Existing Homes

Energy efficiency is a hot topic right now and making sure new UK homes more energy efficient is something home builders up and down the country are working hard on getting right. But, improving the energy efficiency of existing housing stock, is another important issue for the UK and it appears that some Dutch ideas could help make that a reality, too.

“After securing the permission and funding to operate in the UK, Dutch firm Energiesprong has recently completed it first energy efficiency retrofitting work on ten properties in Nottingham,” says Brixton estate agent, Eden Harper. “The works bring the energy efficiency of the retrofitted home up to the standards required by 2050 and more orders have been made for London properties, too.”

How does it work?

The company has a successful track record across Europe and what they do is fit:

  • New outside walls.
  • Solar panelled roofing.
  • State-of-the-art heating systems.

The combination of energy efficient upgrades, means each property that receives the Energiesprong treatment, is fully compliant with 2050 energy efficiency targets. Not only that, but they will be cheaper for inhabitants to heat.

By the middle of 2017, the company had retrofitted 570 dwellings across Europe – almost three times the target for 200. And, commitments are in place for a further 15,000. This highlights how impressed new clients have been with the works.

It also shows that it’s possible to hit the home energy efficiency targets, particularly if work continues around this pace, or even more quickly.

The works all come with a 30-year energy efficiency guarantee from Energiesprong.

“Energy efficiency is an important, emerging industry, not only in the UK but across Europe and the whole world, so it’s good news to see the UK making use of new techniques that can benefit UK consumers and the existing housing stock, too,” they claim at Assetgrove.

Techniques could benefit UK’s renters

The Energiesprong energy efficiency retrofit could be the answer to an important question the Government needs answering – how to bring the thousands of UK rental properties, up to required energy efficiency standards by 2030.

While the cost of the Energisprong treatment isn’t easily obtainable, it’s unlikely to be cheap. However, if the government can work out a grant system to help subsidise the works for landlords aiming to ensure their properties are energy efficient, then this could be the way forward for the UK’s still growing private rental sector.

Social rent firms are among the early birds showing real interest in the works. Hopefully the results will encourage both the government and private landlords to take advantage of these modern and effective techniques to help ensure fewer UK renters are living in fuel poverty, going forward.

“While 2030 might seem a long way in the future, when it comes to get millions of existing homes up to the right energy efficiency standards, it’s not as long as some landlords would like,” concludes Westminster estate agent, Andrew Reeves. “However, if the Energiesprong retrofit treatment can gain momentum, then it could help ensure landlords are compliant and their tenants live in warm homes that affordable and efficient to heat.”

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