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Green business ideas 101: A smart way to profit

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Green Business

Modern times call for modern ways in business and life in general – and these modern ways are nowadays painted in clean and green hues all around. Still, competition in the eco-friendly arena is getting fiercer with each passing day, which makes taking a successful business leap of faith into green waters an increasingly tough and risky endeavor. The good news is that there are still quite a few ways for eco-minded entrepreneurs to make a living and take their freshly-fledged green brand to the top without further ado. Short on business ideas that can earn you a green fortune fast? Here, try the suggestions below and do your entrepreneurial homework as a good eco-business scout.


1. Building materials gone green

Green building continues to seize a momentum around the world, which is why production and sale of sustainable materials is becoming an attractive niche for entrepreneurs eager to scoop up early profits fast. As a green building material retailer, your product offer will be centered on recycled materials and materials crafted from sustainable and energy-efficient resources such as bamboo, hemp, and reclaimed timber. As a convenient bonus, you’ll probably be one of the few local businesses that specialize in green materials, which means more clients and higher profits.


2. Organic and recycled fashion

Apart from green building, natural materials are also getting increasingly popular in the fashion industry, and eco-fashionistas and Mother Nature approve. These days, clothing and accessories crafted from organic cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp fiber, and post-consumer recycled plastic are making big waves among fashion-loving crowds and if you’re crafty, you can try and make your own masterpieces which you’ll market to eco-minded fashion fans on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and other crafts-oriented e-commerce sites.


3. Bike repair and refurbishment

Besides walking, cycling is the greenest mode of transport of the 21st century, and the growth in popularity of two-pedaled means of commute has opened the door to biking enthusiasts looking to make a living out of their craft. By opening a bike repair and refurbishment store, you’ll get to do a favor to your clients and the environment and earn a decent amount of cash while doing it, too. To launch a bike repair and refurbishment shop, you’ll need minimum funds, basic tools and technical skills, a bit of luck, and willingness to put in some manual labor.


4. A sustainable carte du jour

Shoppers have finally realized that food quality comes before price and the change of heart (and tummy cravings) is already showing on the global scale. Right now, farmers and food stores are going increasingly organic in an attempt to fill the wide market gap which popped up soon after the sustainable menu went pop. If you have a plot of arable land at your disposal, you can turn it into an organic farm and savor the taste of your green work – and if you prefer to fiddle around the countertop, you can start an exclusive organic food service.


5. Upcycled furniture store

More and more homeowners are waking up to the charm of salvaged and upcycled furnishings, so if you like to tinker with tools and vintage furniture and aren’t averse to a bit of elbow grease, you can easily turn your hobby into a profitable career. On top of profits you’ll earn overhauling antique and discarded furnishings, you’ll also help reduce the amount of waste that would have ended up in the landfill, create unique custom-built furniture pieces, and express your creativity and craftsmanship at the same time.


6. Eco-consulting business

Judging by the current market outlook, sustainable living will only keep getting more popular as years go by, which will in turn trigger a rise in demand for eco-consulting services. By launching an eco-consulting business now, you’ll beat competitors to early profits and build a reputation in the niche. To launch an eco-consulting brand or become an expert on geotechnical engineering and groundwater testing, you’ll need a certificate which you can obtain by completing an online course – and you’ll pick up experience as you go.


7. Eco-safe beauty parlor

Organic cosmetics are safer for both the environment and your own long-term health, so it’s not a surprise an increasing number of beauty parlors are introducing all-natural regimens into their offer of services. If you love makeup and want to help other girls feel better and more confident in their skin, you can launch a beauty salon focusing on eco-friendly regimens starring organic, vegan, gluten-, chemical-, and cruelty-free products and earn a handsome profit along with the approval and gratitude of both your clients and Mother Nature.


These days, the corporate arena rocks a green guise, so if you’re about to take a dive in the eco-business waters, you’d better shape up your fins and arm yourself with bucketfuls of willpower, persistence, and latest market trends. Ready, steady, go and earn a green fortune pursuing one of the business ideas above! You’re welcome.

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Article written by Emma Joyce