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Domestic Water Management: Sustainability in Focus

domestic water management

Domestic Water Management

Going green is more than the application of sustainable materials to enhance your living. It also means that you should do everything in your power to conserve resources for the sake of the future. For now, we are the generation that has to take the brunt of cutbacks and rigorous discipline in order to ensure that the next one doesn’t. One of the most precious resources on the planet that needs to be properly rationed is clean, potable water, and if you want to improve your domestic water management, here’s what can help you keep sustainability in focus.

A matter of habit

If you’ve never conserved water before, you should get into the habit of turning the faucet off. For example, most people tend to leave the water running while they are brushing their teeth, scrubbing dishes or shaving. Waiting for the shower to warm up is probably the most wasteful of such habits. These behaviors can add up to nearly tragic squander of precious clean water on a daily basis. This compiles to a whopping number of 11,000 liters of wasted water every year.

Mix air and water

Thankfully, technology is catching up with this issue, which is why we have nifty items such as tap aerators. They are essentially affordable little screens that are installed on faucets – preferably every faucet in your household – and their role is to aerate the flow of water. This has two very distinct effects: one, it reduces the amount of water that is coming out of the faucet, and two, it maintains consistent water pressure so you don’t even notice that the flow is reduced.

Preemptive strikes

Do you have leaky faucets or ancient pipes? Every potential plumbing problem, no matter how innocuous it appears, can lead to a disaster that will not only cost you half of your life savings in repairs, but also a small fortune in utility bills. In other words, you will waste several lifetimes of water that will be soaked up by your walls instead of being used for something practical.

Whenever you begin to suspect the water flow is out of order, you need a reliable professional such as this plumber dealing with blocked drains in Perth in your corner. The expert of your choosing needs to have experience under his belt and a reliable track record of dealing with a number of issues that include leaking taps, hot water service, as well as pipe and drainage clogs. When it comes to water, the preemptive strike is the best course of action.

domestic water management

A bucket is the weapon of your choosing

Even if you really have to wait for a while for the warm water to course through the shower head, you don’t have to settle for wasting that water. In such situations, a bucket is the best weapon of your choosing. Place the bucket beneath the shower to catch as much water as possible before the right temperature settles.

You can use this water for a staggering number of useful things around the house. For example, you can water plants, use it for cleaning or, if push comes to shove, to flush the toilet. Bucket flush is a completely legitimate way to use this water, though installing a dual-flush might be the best of all possible scenarios.

 Water-efficient appliances

When it comes to appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, the oldest advice in the book is to use them exclusively when they are completely full in order to conserve water. However, you can easily replace your water-wasting appliances these days with the newer generations of ENERGY STAR machines that reduce water and electricity waste in amounts you couldn’t have imagined possible. Many new models have eco settings available as well.

There are multiple crucial reasons for managing water consumption in your home, and these reasons can be seen as concentric circles with you in the middle. The reason with the “widest diameter” is the global environmental crisis. The second one can be described as local drought and communal water supply issue. The most personal reason for managing water can be twofold – your sense of responsibility coupled with water bill reduction. No matter which of these reasons you prioritize, cutting back your household’s water consumption is one of the most crucial issues you need to tackle as a citizen of the 21st century.

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