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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Enviro-Friendly Business Ideas



We treat our environment everything but consciously, which is probably one of the main reasons the green trend is so popular nowadays, even if people are getting into it just because it’s trending. Like the case is with anything trendy, this means that the green mentality is currently somewhat profitable, and it’s looking to stay that way for a long time. Going eco-friendly in business terms isn’t something to frown upon; there is no better way to turn a profit than by knowing that you’re doing it for a solid cause. We’ve rounded up a list of green business ideas with this in mind, for every eco-minded entrepreneur out there.

Organic gardens

There’s a growing concern about general food safety out there, especially when it comes to pesticide use, which is exactly why many people around the globe are slowly turning towards home gardening. Homegrown food is almost always both healthier and tastier than what you can buy at the market, even in the ‘organic foods’
section. If you want to give this a shot, especially if you have a green thumb, you can get into small-space gardening for clients. It all starts small – buy a beginner garden pack and start gradually building your organic garden business.

Become a part of the farmer’s market

Building gardens for other people isn’t the only option for those with green thumbs; in fact, if you’re good at growing gardens, you can sell quality fruits, veggies and plants on the local farmer’s market. A member of the farmer’s market specializes in selling food materials and produce to people locally, which is extremely environmentally-friendly. This is especially owing to the fact that the typical food vendors emphasize quantity over quality, thereby making mediocre foods at best, while rendering long hauls of food items over distances and production necessary, which are both quite the pollutants. Becoming a local “farmer” is an excellent way to pay tribute to our environment.

Organic food vendor

Living on raw foods is very healthy, especially when it comes to fruits and veggies; accompany this diet with a protein source, and you can easily say that you’re eating
healthy. However, seeing as how the general population prefers finished food products, you can exercise some research and creativity and come up with your own brand of healthy and natural snacks/meals, which may even turn highly-profitable!

Make soy/beeswax candles

The traditional candles are known for releasing harsh and toxic chemicals into the air when lit, and this is a bigger pollutant than you might think. Soy and beeswax candles, however, are completely natural – scented with essential oils, they even tend to burn slower than your typical candles, without so much as leaving smoke residue on walls.

Work from a shipping crate office

Shipping crates and containers are quickly disposed of onto landfills as soon as they drop below the industry standards for long oversea hauls. The sad thing is, these are more than perfectly viable for stationary use for many decades to come. This is why the trend of applying shipping crates in a wide variety of creative uses has been present for some time now. These convenient containers, however, require quite a bit of tweaking and this tends to leave construction residue. Luckily, there are
businesses that specialize in rubbish removal in Sydney that will make sure that the residue in its entirety meets an eco-minded end, while leaving your shipping crate office in an outstanding condition, both environmentally and aesthetically.

Become a green consultant

Starting a green business that actually helps other businesses turn green is a very noble (and profitable) cause. A green consultant goes through business evaluations to form a strategy that will help people promote their company through the green mentality, remaining green and saving money at the same time!
There are thousands of green business ideas out there and we hope that the mentioned ones will at least push you into finding a way to better our planet, while simultaneously turning a profit. Always keep the ‘green’ in mind, no matter if you specialize in food, consulting other businesses, or work from a container office.

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