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Eco friendly, Green Fixes for Your Home

eco friendly

Eco Friendly

Many people think that making home more green and eco-friendly is too complicated and expensive. In fact, there are numerous small and simple steps you can take in order to go green at home. So before immediately saying no to the green lifestyle, you may want to consider these tips and tricks for going green.

Decrease phantom load in your home

You might not know it, but there’s a hidden stealer of your energy. Yes, phantom load! As long as your electronic devices are plugged in, they continue to draw power even if you’re not using them. Since your home probably has multiple electronic devices, the energy loss from phantom loads can be really notable. To reduce this waste, try plugging multiple electronic devices into a single power bar, and use the switch to turn power on and off. Or simply unplug your cell phone or camera as soon as the battery on the device is fully charged.

Use rechargeable batteries

By choosing rechargeable batteries for your home devices, you can both save money and preserve the environment. When used appropriately, rechargeable batteries can be used thousands of time. Although they cost more at first, they can surely pay for themselves as times goes by. Moreover, because batteries can be recharged and reused many times, they contribute less waste to garbage lots and thus have a huge impact on the environment.

Use energy-efficient windows

Instead of looking at your windows just as portals to the outside world, keep in mind that they can drastically increase the comfort of your home by altering the ambiance and improving ventilation. They can also increase your energy savings. In order to improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows, you can add storm windows. Storm windows installation is probably the most cost-effective solution for your home. Moreover, storm windows are very easy to install. Your first step will be to choose which type of window is right for your home, and then which tools you’ll need. Keep in mind that you can always take advice from Sydney power tools professionals about devices you will need to get the job done. You’ll be surprised how this small step will lower your energy bill.

Fix your leaky faucet

Instead of just ignoring that leaking faucet in your kitchen or bathroom, you can easily fix it by yourself or just ask your local hardware store for advice. Maybe you just need to replace the worn out flappers. Keep in mind that droplets of water can fill up a gallon in one hour, and that’s a lot of wasted water. Just think about how much that will cost you!

Instead of screensaver, use sleep mode on your computer

Although there are a variety of power-saving tips you can use to make your computer use less power, let’s focus here only on the difference between screensavers and sleep mode. Many people think that playing a screensaver and keeping a monitor on will somehow save energy. That’s simply not true! The best way decrease your energy bill is to enable the power-saving or sleep mode on your computer. Even better, if you’re leaving your home for more than twenty minutes, the best option is to just turn off both the monitor and a computer. Just forget screensavers!

Of course, there are various other quick and easy ways of being both environmentally aware and energy-efficient. For example, you can clean your refrigerator coils, recycle, shop eco-friendly products for your home, or simply buy a houseplant. Just keep in mind that small changes are important and that they’ll lead you to a happy and healthy home.

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