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How to Handle Your Anxiety About Climate Change

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Climate Change

Climate change is unique in that it affects everyone on a global scale, but for some, climate change anxiety can feel similar to symptoms of grief. Fear, denial, anger, and sadness may all play a part in how you process the situation. However, you can reduce your anxiety through simple meditative acts while also engaging in eco-friendly behaviors to curb feelings of guilt and do your part to minimize your carbon footprint. Here are some helpful tips from


Before you can help the world, you should help yourself. Regular meditation can put you in the right mindset to feel like you have control again. Studies show that there are several health benefits to meditation, including reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Meditation reduces the production of inflammatory stress chemicals in the body while also helping you practice coping and reactivity skills. You’ll be able to handle eco-anxiety better if you meditate regularly.

Use Public Transportation

Ultimately, the best way to reduce your carbon footprint if you have to travel is to use transport methods that don’t involve fuel, such as walking or biking. However, if walking or biking to your destination is unrealistic, public transportation is far preferable to a single-occupancy car. Your car will have a low fuel efficiency when you compare the number of people in transit to the amount of fuel used per ride. Trains and buses have much higher fuel economies because of the number of people in transit, but even electric bikes and scooters could help you get through your commute in a more eco-friendly way.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy involves clean energy sources that don’t use fossil fuels or produce hazardous byproducts. Solar energy in particular is on the rise now that it’s becoming more affordable. Solar uses no water, doesn’t produce pollutants, and can save you upwards of 90% on your electric bill. If you own a home, consider installing panels. If you live in an apartment complex, consider speaking with your landlord about the benefits of solar, and get other tenants involved in the project to help your case.

Get Involved

If you have the money, you could consider donating to an organization that is focused on environmental health. However, to lessen your own anxiety, it’s even better to invest your time and see the fruits of your labor. You don’t have to get involved with a big-name company. You could start local, volunteering for small organizations that host drives or plant trees. If your community doesn’t have an environmental group lobbying for changes, you could start one.

If you want to plan an environmental project, it can be helpful to breakout your project into stages. This will allow you to concentrate on the details of each necessary step without becoming overwhelmed by the project’s entirety.

Start a Business

Your passion for the environment can be translated into a business idea that both helps the planet and provides income. Whether you love to minimize waste through thrifting or want to get into environmental law, there are many eco-friendly business ideas you can choose from. When thinking about your business, consider forming an LLC to take advantage of the benefits of both a corporation and a sole proprietorship. You’ll be able to set up your business inexpensively, have flexible control over your company, protect your personal assets, and enjoy tax benefits.

When the anxiety feels too intense to handle, remember to meditate and develop healthy coping mechanisms. The best way to manage your stress, though, is to know that you’re doing your part by reducing your carbon emissions and advocating for change within your community.

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