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Green Businesses You Can Start at Home

Green businesses

Green Businesses

Working from home might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a way to start a new business that’s going to be eco-friendly and sustainable, working from home could easily be the best way to do so. You’ll not only minimize your daily costs, but also help the environment by not producing a giant amount of carbon footprint when commuting to and from work, and that’s something we all need to do if we want to preserve our planet for the next generations. If you too are looking for green business ideas you can develop at your own home, here are a couple definitely worth considering.

Energy-efficiency auditing

More and more people are renovating their homes in a green way, so the need for auditing consultants is higher than ever. These are the experts who have to go through people’s houses and check every inch of their living space in order to conclude how energy-efficient they are at the moment and how they can become even greener in the future.
Conducting an energy assessment on your own isn’t that hard, though, but you have to go through some training first and gather quite a lot of knowledge and experience before your professional opinion and approval become relevant and respected. Luckily, this is a business idea that’s going to be even more popular in the future, so start exploring it as soon as possible and work your way towards becoming the best auditor in your area.

Organic farming

While most people think all fruits and vegetables are the same, the truth is far from that – yes, they may all look the same, but they don’t taste the same. After all, there’s a huge difference between an apple that was grown on a plantation and one that you nurtured in your own backyard. And it’s easy to assume which is more popular and valuable, so starting your private organic farm is a great idea, especially if you have a huge backyard suitable for gardening.
Even though you have high hopes and dreams about making a difference in the world with your organic products, you should start small and stick to just a handful of vegetables first. Explore their characteristics, tend to their needs and give them all the love in the world, and they’ll surely find a way to pay you back. Once you see they’re growing and developing properly, you can start growing new sorts of vegetables and taking your green business to a new level.

Home interior solutions

Most home decorators don’t work in huge companies and they don’t have a corner office in the biggest business building in the town – on the contrary, they work from home and are constantly visiting their clients, making sure their renovations are going as planned. This is a business model you should start practicing as well since it’s one of the greenest and most sustainable ones out there.
Another thing to keep in mind, if you opt for this idea, is that you have to decorate your own home office in accordance with the principles of eco-friendliness – that means recycled furniture, second-hand materials, lots of natural light and LED bulbs. Of course, you can always add new office chairs ​to the mix as well, as they will introduce a dose of elegance, professionalism and coziness your home office needs.

Green blogging

This idea is a perfect combination of stay-at-home activities and sustainable lifestyle: writing about green experiences and educating other people on how to become greener themselves is a fantastic opportunity for every eco-friendly person out there. Some of the most popular bloggers of our age cover a wide range of environmental topics, but you need to find your own angle and offer your own personal insight – that’s something your readers are going to appreciate the most. Showing them that a green lifestyle is neither hard nor complicated is going to spread a positive message and inspire them to make a change in their lives and accept sustainability today.

Being eco-friendly and professional at the same time is a challenge, but if start a company that’s going to combine these two things seamlessly and naturally, you’ll help your environment and yourself a lot, so find a unique idea and develop it.

Article written for WhosGreenOnline.com by, Emma Joyce