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Wooden Pallets vs Plastic Pallets

wooden pallets vs plastic pallets

Wooden Pallets vs Plastic Pallets

When you have transport or storage industry, there are many things which need to be considered. Pallets are used to transport and store products in the industries. We know that pallets are the best solution for the storage and transport industries. But there are some important points which need to be considered when you are choosing pallets. Pallets come in different types of materials such as wooden pallets and plastic pallets. There are a lot of differences between wooden pallets and plastic pallets and here are a few things you should know:

#1. Durability:

One of the most important points to note when you are comparing between wooden pallets and plastic pallets is the durability. Plastic Pallets can hold less weight than wooden pallets so if you choose wooden pallets you can transport a large variety of goods. If you use wooden pallets you don’t need to worry about transporting heavy goods and you can save a lot of money in the long term. We know that both wooden and plastic pallets can be damaged but you need to know that wooden pallets can be repaired so if you use plastic pallets you need to buy new pallets every time.

#2. Impact on Environment:

Nowadays, eco-friendly measures are taken to improve the overall environmental scenario. We need to understand that plastic pallets are less eco-friendly than wooden pallets because we can recycle wooden pallets but we cannot recycle the plastic pallets. You should be aware that wooden pallets are 100% renewable material.

#3. Storage:

As far as storage is concerned there is no big difference in the space that both pallets have. The only difference is that if someone uses plastic skids. These plastic skids are without the bottom deck so one can save enough space when you use them for the store because it is very easier to stack them on one another.

#4. Moisture and Bacteria:

Some people think that moisture and bacteria only affect wooden pallets but this is totally wrong as various types of chemical and heat solutions are available to protect the wooden pallets. You will see more amounts of bacteria on plastic pallets. We need to understand that different business has different work requirements. So, in conclusion, wooden pallets are more preferred than plastic pallets.

#5. Construction:

People use fasteners to construct wooden pallets but the goods can be damaged which is stored in them. But in the case of plastic pallets, they don’t use any fasteners. You should contact good manufacturers to get these pallets so that you can be free from any hassle bustle.

#6. Price:

If we talk about the price of the different pallets then wooden pallets are expensive than plastic pallets. If you purchase recyclable wood pallets, then the price can be higher, but it will be good for you to purchase wood pallets because it will save you a lot of money in the long term.

#7. How to Adapt to the Situation:

As time changes you have to make some changes to your business techniques like changing your transport and storage techniques. The condition may be arising to change the construction or the specification of the pallets. If you use plastic pallets there will be no much specifications and you can’t complete mold new pallets.

By understanding the difference between wood and plastic pallets you understood that pallets make easier to transport. They are stronger than cardboard boxes and shipping containers. You can stack heavy objects on them. You are recommended to take the help of a good manufacturer to buy the pallets for your transport company. Keeping these things in mine you can simply get the best pallets for yourself.


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  1. It’s great that this article explains how wooden pallets are more durable and can hold more weight than plastic ones. If someone is considering wooden pallets, it might help to figure out what you want it to hold. This could help you research the various options to find one that is large enough and made of quality materials that can handle the weight.

  2. I agree with what you said that if a person is worried about the environmental impact, they should choose to purchase wooden pallets because they’re renewable and recyclable. Emma, my cousin, plans on buying pallets for storage purposes. I’ll share this with her and encourage her to buy wooden pallets. Thanks.

  3. I use plastic pallets for my small business, In hot weather, It feels like stuck with the ground and over each other. I don’t think so wooden pallets are are safe to use. Please suggest me better option to place energy drink packages.