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Diverse Benefits of Using Wet Scrubbers

diverse benefits of using wet scrubbers

Diverse Benefits of Using Wet Scrubbers


How does a Wet Scrubber work?

Wet scrubbers basically refer to the air pollution control devices that are designed particularly to remove the dust particles and contaminating gases from industrial exhaust systems. The consequences of the Industrial Revolution have reached its peak. Today, air pollution is one of the major problems threatening mankind. There is actually
a lack of clean place to thrive in. The establishment of various industries across the globe has turned the Earth into a ball of dust and toxic gases, making life severely exposed to threats and diseases. The wet scrubber is possibly the best remedy for air pollution from the industrial sector. These wet scrubbers are considered to be the most
appropriate and best air pollution control device for accumulating both particulate matters and flue gases together in a single system.

The device works in the easiest way: A Wet scrubber treats the contaminated gas with a scrubbing liquid which is usually water. The dust particles get accumulated in the scrubbing liquid, and are later washed away, leaving behind a cleaner environment than ever before. Finally, the scrubbing liquid is discharged or reused only for the cleaning

There is also one good thing about this device that makes it more popular. That is one can avoid any droplets to escape from the scrubber with the help of an outlet gas component named entrainment separator. These wet scrubbers can be designed and manufactured in a number of configurations whereby one needs to ensure the proper
contact between liquid and gasses so that the system removes the unwanted particulates from the air, efficiently.

The device offers a variety of systems specifically manufactured to fulfill our process application. These come in various sizes and types as per the specific application. The typical wet scrubber systems used for not so big industries include a scrubbing vessel, a duct work and a fan system, a pumping system, a mist eliminator, the scrubbing liquid
and also an exhaust stack.

The following points out the advantages of using a wet scrubber:

  • Wet scrubbers are comparatively the best because of its ability to handle high temperatures or moisture.
  • These wet scrubbers can also help in neutralizing the corrosive gases. Wet scrubber is equally effective for the removal of particulate matter or gases.
  • Wet scrubbers cool hot gases, which results in a smaller size or the system.
  • Minimum fire or explosion hazards: The dry speculates of dust are flammable. With the help of water, wet scrubbers reduce the possibility of explosions.
  • The wet scrubbers reduce the temperature or the volume of the unsaturated exhaust stream. Thus, fans and ducts are comparatively smaller than that of other control devices.

Different types of Wet Scrubbers are listed below:

  • Chemical Scrubbers or the Gas Scrubbers
  • Particulate Scrubbers or the Ventura Scrubbers
  • Chlorine Scrubbers
  • Ammonia Scrubbers
  • Particulate or the Dust Scrubbers
  • Sulfuric Acid Scrubbers


As mentioned earlier, the wet scrubbers are commonly used in various industrial applications such as pollutant reduction at petroleum refineries, or the chemical processes, acid manufacturing plants, or even at steel making industries. These devices can help to remove dust particles or particulates simply by capturing them in the liquid
droplets, and thus eliminate both particulates and impure gases. The other advantages of wet scrubbers are minimization of fire hazards, regulating high temperature or humidity, reducing the size of exhaust, etc. The invention of wet scrubbers has proved to be a boon for treating air pollutants.

Article written for by Ashley Kinsela