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Improper Rubbish Removal, Some Bad Impacts

improper rubbish removal

Improper Rubbish Removal

Many families in Australia use local recycling centers, waste removal services and skip bins to remove their waste products. It is very important to do the rubbish removal in a proper way. There are many who dispose of their rubbishes themselves and without a proper way of disposing of, the toxic wastes can lead to negative impact.

1. Soil Contamination
Over all the negative impacts of improper rubbish removal, soil contamination is the worst. Some wastes produce hazardous chemicals and these chemicals go into the soil. Soil contamination also affects humans and animals, not only the plant growth when they feed on those plants. It is important that every individual understand the impact of recycling waste products like metals, plastics, papers, electric wastes at local recycling centers. When doing the rubbish removal, people should sort their wastes in categories and bring the wastes which can be recycled to the recycling centers.

2. Air Contamination
When plastics and some papers are burned in landfills they emit certain chemicals as well as gases which badly damage the ozone layer. Some wastes release dangerous dioxin gases which pose a high risk when with the breath the gases go inside the body. Wastes also produce methane gases which are also very harmful to the environment. Decomposing wastes produce landfill gas which can harm nearby communities and can be even explosive.

3. Water Contamination
Water contamination is another bad impact of the improper way of rubbish removal. Hazardous wastes can easily reach out to the water. Water is used for so many things, from drinking to using in local fields. Toxic liquids from wastages can also go into every water bodies. Improper sewage systems are threatening marine life by contaminating water. Marine habitats, like corals, are suffocating and getting destroyed eventually. Humans who consume marine lives and fishes are also at the danger of the harmful effect of water contamination.

4. Human Health is Jeopardized
Population living near the landfills or polluted areas are at great health risk. In the landfills, there are waste disposal workers and other workers who are highly affected by the pollution spread by wastes. Rubbish removal in an improper way is causing health issues for all humans. Pollution can cause blood infection, skin irritations, growth problems, respiratory problems etc.

5. Impact On Animals And Marine Life
Carelessness of humans with improper waste removals is not only affecting us but also the animals. Marine lives are dying by unknowingly consuming cigarette butts and Styrofoam. Non-carnivorous animals consume grasses. If the place is near landfills or contaminated areas, then the toxins of the soil go into their body.

6. Pests Carry Disease
Cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and rats breed and live in the sewages. Wastes which are polluting the environment because of improper rubbish removal get a place in the landfills and sewages. Many of these carry life threatening diseases. Rats carry diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Mosquitoes spread malaria and dengue which can be life threatening.

7. Local Economy is Affected Adversely
Poor waste management doesn’t attract tourists and investors. Local economy can sink and affect locals’ livelihood because of bad management of landfills.

8. Not Recycling
Many people miss out on the recycling process of wastages which can be recycled. Recycling can earn revenue and keep the living area clean.

9. Waste Pollution Brings Extreme Climate Changes
Gases are emitted from decomposing wastes and spread in the atmosphere trapping bad heat. Greenhouse gases are main culprits of these extreme climate changes all over the world.

10. The Planet is Dying Slowly
Improper rubbish removal is harming our planet Earth in a serious way. If waste can be recycled, then the pollution will be less, and our planet can thrive again.

All it takes some serious awareness and positive action of every responsible individual to make the environment a better place again by proper waste management and rubbish removal. Remember “a step taken by us today should always be beneficial for our future generations”.

Article written for by, Alyssa Moylan