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Range Hood: It’s a Clean and Green Machine

range hood

Range Hood

Did you know that every kitchen needs a range hood? There are a whole lot of air pollutants floating around the kitchen that can harm our health. Using a range hood is key to minimizing that risk.

Every time we cook, odors, steam, smoke, grease, and fumes are released into the room. Appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, and stove also off-gas potentially toxic fumes when in use. If these pollutants are not properly removed, then the heart of the home becomes a very unhealthy place. A properly fitted range hood draws up all of those pollutants and exhausts them to the outdoors where they can dissipate naturally.

So, now you know how important a functioning range hood is to the health of your home and family. But is it possible to use a range hood and be environmentally conscious as well? Yes, it is!

Don’t waste it

Confirming the width of the stove is vital to choosing the right size of range hood. There’s no reason to spend extra money on a huge range hood if you’re kitchen is equipped with a standard-sized stove. A range hood should extend approximately 3 inches beyond the stove’s edges to allow for maximum draw. Installing a range hood that’s too large or too small will cost you more in energy use. The key is to talk to a range hood expert in order to determine which size and power level is appropriate for the type and amount of cooking you do.

A range hood for life

The most environmentally-friendly materials for a range hood are stainless steel and copper. Both of these are extremely durable. You will never have to worry about rust or any kind of deterioration. In fact, both are highly resistant to scratches and dents. If you ever decide to discard your stainless steel or copper range hood, you don’t need to worry that it will end up in a landfill. Both materials are completely recyclable. They can be wholly reformed into any number of different products.

Here’s a fun fact: the majority of copper in use today has been in circulation for decades. It’s just constantly being recycled and re-used. The fact that a copper range hood might have been reformed many times over the course of its life doesn’t make it any less beautiful or strong. Both stainless steel and copper are strong and malleable enough to be turned into gorgeous art pieces for the kitchen again and again. Did you ever think that a range hood could be a focal point in your kitchen?

Clean machine

Toss out all of those potentially toxic cleaning products. You won’t need them anymore. All you need to keep a stainless steel or copper range hood clean is a soft cloth and a little water. If you’ve cooked a particularly greasy dish and you’re worried about grease build-up in the range hood filter and on the underside of the hood, you can use a gentle dish soap or mix a little white vinegar with water and wipe clean.

As an extra bonus, stainless steel and copper are naturally anti-bacterial. Both metals are perfectly smooth so germs cannot dig in and proliferate!

Stay local

Both stainless steel and copper range hoods can be easily sourced within most communities. Look around and you’re bound to find a local artisan or company that crafts range hoods. Opting for products made close to home not only reduces your overall carbon footprint, it also supports your local economy.

We’re often so focused on designing the kitchen that the impact we’re having on the environment is easy to forget. With a little research, you can ensure that your range hood keeps your indoor air clean and the environment green.

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Article written by Lillian Connors, Lillian constantly embarks on fresh #homeimprovement #greenliving #officedesign projects and spreads the word about them.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out how copper range hoods are easily maintained and are naturally anti-bacterial. My wife is really sick of all the odor of meat and oil on our kitchen. It certainly looks like investing in a copper range hood will be an easy fix to our problems without adding much to our maintenance work around the house.