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Going Green w/ 16 Eco Friendly Apps

Going Green w/ 16 Eco Friendly Apps

Going Green

When many people think of how to go green, they think of actions that have been highlighted to help the earth: recycling their plastic, investing in reusable straws, water bottles, or bags, taking the bus instead of driving…. The list goes on. Many people think that being eco-friendly takes time, effort, money, and brainpower—but it doesn’t have to. 

Going green and being more environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be expensive—in fact, it doesn’t even have to be hard! In such a technologically advanced era, eco-conscious companies have focused on developing downloadable apps to help users be more environmentally-friendly and aware of their carbon footprint, all while saving them money. Now, people who want to lessen their impact on the Earth can do so, all from the comfort of their home and convenience of their handheld devices.

Apps like Oroeco and JouleBug help users track their energy usage and see where their carbon footprint can be lessened or where their main areas of waste are. Tracking this allows users to reduce both energy used and the amount of money owed in utility bills each month. 

Other apps like Freecycle and Fat Llama allows users to list items they no longer want to be resold to those that really need it. This act of reusing and upcycling allows users to lighten their loads (and closets!) and end the cycle of unwanted “stuff” clogging up streets or ending up in landfills. 

More apps, like iRecycle, point users to the nearest recycling center, and show them how to recycle everything from batteries to plastic bags. Paper Karma allows downloaders to scan junk mail and be automatically unsubscribed, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper waste to be saved each year. 

These apps, and many more like them, show that saving the Earth doesn’t have to be hard at all—it can be as easy as hitting “download.” This helpful visual from Turbo Intuit lays out 16 of the eco-friendly apps available for download now that help users do their part to help the planet, all while saving money at the same time. It has never been so easy to reduce, reuse, or recycle!

Going Green w/ 16 Eco Friendly Apps:

Going Green

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