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How to Host a Sustainable Wedding

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How to Host a Sustainable Wedding

Did you know that weddings in the U.S. contribute more than 63 tons of CO2 annually? The average wedding produces more than 400 pounds of garbage, and modern couples are taking notice of the waste.

Eco-friendly weddings are growing in popularity as more and more couples choose to feature sustainable elements such as reusable items or second-hand pieces in their wedding day and throughout the planning process.

Most of the time, going green is great for your wallet, too. Many sustainable practices are cheaper than their alternatives. You can also support local businesses while reducing carbon emissions by using vendors who produce their supplies nearby. 


Check out these eco-friendly wedding ideas from Zola


  • Buy ethical rings: Start your engagement off on an eco-friendly foot by purchasing an ethically sourced diamond. Do your research ahead of time to find jewelers who share a similar vision for the planet. 
  • Carefully choose a venue: Your venue has a huge role to play in your wedding day (and cleanup). Pick a venue with sustainable waste removal practices. When touring options, ask about LEED certifications and Energy Star ratings to see how sustainable the facility or site is.
  • Consider celebrating outside: You can cut down on energy usage by hosting your ceremony and/or reception outside. Make sure to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Campgrounds, gardens, and farms make great outdoor venue sites.
  • Go paperless: Communicate details for your special day online to reduce the need for printed materials. Consider digital save the dates and invites. If you do opt for paper, use recycled paper for a more eco-friendly approach.
  • Embrace a green wedding exit: Don’t litter on your way out the door with a confetti toss or lantern send-off. Instead, use biodegradable wedding exit materials such as leaves, bird seeds, and flower petals.
  • Arrange transportation: You can cut down on carbon emissions by reducing the need for multiple vehicles at your wedding site. Arrange a shuttle to pick guests up and drop them off. This also helps reduce drunk driving risks and provides a unique experience for your guests.


You can find even more sustainable wedding inspiration using the visual below! 

Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas