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Eco Transportation Options for a Healthier Planet

eco transportation

Eco Transportation

Today, it’s really hard to live without transportation. Traditional transportation options come with a range of different problems such as emission of hazardous gases, global warming, and pollution. All of these problems have led to the development of green transportation options that are eco-friendly and have less or no negative impact on the environment. Here are just some of the green transport options you can try out.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles usually include cars, trucks, trains and boats. They are powered entirely by electricity that can be tapped from geothermal and hydroelectric sources, as well as solar panels and wind turbines. Electric vehicles have a less negative impact on the environment than conventional engine vehicles that run on petrol or diesel because they don’t emit any harmful gases. There are also electric motorcycles that don’t produce any emissions. They are usually powered by a battery, and some companies even have their parts made from recycled materials. Unfortunately, electric motorcycles are still quite pricey, and the cheapest models cost around €6000.

Hybrid vehicles

Just like electric vehicles, hybrid ones also run on electricity. Many hybrid cars are designed to recharge their batteries by using the energy produced by braking. They emit an extremely low amount of greenhouse gasses ‒ about 50 to 90% less than standard cars. However, they have their drawbacks. The batteries they use are quite harmful to the environment, and they have to be very carefully disposed of.

Green public transport

Some great news for public transport! Green buses have already hit the market! They usually use huge lithium-ion batteries that can store a great amount of energy derived from a diesel generator. Green buses also generate some of the energy on their own in the process of braking. There are also green hybrid locomotives. The good thing about these trains is that they can achieve high speeds, are very safe and they are much easier on the environment. More and more governments decide to support green transportation together with public buses and hybrid trains, so we can expect to see a lot of them in the future.


The most obvious option besides plain walking is of course cycling. It’s very practical for moving through crowded cities and even better for commuting to work. Unlike cars, bicycles don’t emit any greenhouse gases and they are faster than walking. Cycling is also a great form of workout. It’s perfect if you want to lose a couple of kilos or stay in shape. These days, you can get a pretty good bike at a reasonable price, plus you will save so much money on petrol and maintenance.

Electric bicycles

Just like traditional bikes, electric bikes don’t release any harmful gases into the atmosphere. They are more practical if you have to travel a great distance because they are faster and require less peddling. But, in some countries, you might need a special license and registration to be able to ride an e-bike, so make sure you consult the regulations. If you’re interested in getting an e-bike, you can check out manufacturers such as Gepida and find the bike perfect for your needs.


Carpooling is not technically an eco transport option, but it greatly reduces the number of vehicles on the road, thus minimising pollution. Carpooling is ecofriendly and it saves money and fuel. Instead of five different cars driving in the same direction, it’s much greener and cheaper to use a single car. Now you can use the time you would otherwise spend driving on relaxing or even working, and also make some great friends.

According to research, our environment has never been in more trouble, so think about it next time you sit in a car. Try to use green transportation options as much as you can, and leave a better future for your kids.

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Article written by; Diana Smith: Full time mom of two beautiful girls, a great animal and nature lover and a passionate traveler