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Green Business, Here Are 6 Ways To Go Green

green business

Green Business

If you are trying to start your own business, it is paramount that you come up with fresh ideas on how to be different than every other company. And because there are a lot of businesses which promote wasteful lifestyle, we strongly recommend opting for a green solution. Starting a green business means taking up the responsibility of implementing practices that protect environmental resources. This also means that you’ll constantly have to revise approaches so that they reduce your company’s impact on the environment. In order to help you make your business eco-friendly, we have selected 6 tips for you to follow.

1. Start using alternative energy sources for your business: If you want to save money on energy bills we recommend you to switch to renewable energy sources. These include wind and solar power, as well as geothermal and hydropower. Research has shown that the majority of modern businesses and households are choosing homegrown and clean renewable energy over other solutions. Switching to this option won’t require significant effort on your side, but it will greatly contribute to the environment.

2. Switch to eco-friendly materials: Many businesses that decide to go green are always faced with the dilemma of how to reduce the use of plastic in the office. One of the great ways you can do that is by saying no to plastic bags as often as you possibly can. If you want to go green, choose a great alternative to plastic by getting stylishly printed non woven bags. These bags are extremely durable and, apart from that, make the perfect eco-friendly accessory. Also, they are extremely practical as well. The best thing about using these environmentally friendly accessories is the fact that they allow you to print your businesses logo on them, creating a cute but useful piece of promotional material.

3. Start using PCW paper products: Post-consumer waste paper, or PCW, is made from recycled paper. This means that it is great for the environment because producing it reduces the creation of excessive waste and helps diminish the damaging impact on forests. More importantly, if you truly want to make a difference in the world, make sure that you recycle your paper, because if you simply throw it away, it will just end up buried in a landfill. Additionally, it is important to reduce the amount of paper that you waste around the office. This means that, whenever possible, you should use emails to communicate with your colleagues, or create a group chat on a social network.

4. Buy Non-VOC products: Volatile organic compound, or VOC, stands for toxic chemicals that can be found in almost any household cleaning product. The worst part is that these chemicals create a dangerous chemical reaction with the elements in the atmosphere producing smog which has detrimental effects on nature and our overall health. Make sure to invest in no-VOC products and keep you and your business eco-friendly and healthy. Additionally, buying VOCless flooring for your office is a good investment because it will eliminate all the unnecessary indoor pollution that tends to build up.

5. Cut back on energy usage: This is one of the most important steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. If you start decreasing the amount of energy you waste in the office you will significantly reduce your energy bill, and help the environment as well. Start by buying LED lights which use 75% less energy than the common ones. Another simple solution is to see to it that you don’t have the heat and lights turned on if you don’t need them. Inform your employees that it is mandatory to turn off their computers, or set them to sleep mode, if no one is using them.

6. Save water: We have talked about conserving electricity and paper – but we have to mention that cutting back on your water consumption is just as important. First of all, it’s important to consult a skilled plumber to make sure that you don’t have any leaks. Another great idea is to invest in low-flow toilets which will significantly reduce your water bill. Make sure to explore all the different ways you can save water in your workplace.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to start an eco-friendly business and reduce your impact on the environment. Help promote the green lifestyle by going green yourself.

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