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Walmart Sustainability 3/4

Part 3/4walmart sustainabilty

Walmart Sustainability

Part 3:

How to Make a Difference – Factory Energy Efficiency

Factory energy efficiency is a key priority for our general merchandise products sourced from China based manufacturers. Walmart aims to see 70 percent of its business sourced in China enroll in a program to reduce overall energy consumption by 2017. This is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and improve the overall energy efficiency of factories in China which supply Walmart.

ImageWalmart’s Factory Energy Efficiency Program is recommending that factories utilize The Resource efficiency deployment Engine, (RedE), a web-based tool that enables factories to identify, prioritize, and guide implementation of energy efficiency levers, or improvement initiatives.RedE is built on a catalogue of levers enabling automatic estimates of total energy savings. Factories use RedE to keep track of their initiatives and report their progress, information that is aggregated and anonymized for Walmart to assess overall progress and where additional technical support may be most beneficial.

In addition to the web-based tool, Walmart will provide access to additional technical resources that will enhance factories’ ability to identify leading energy efficient products, implement initiatives, and identify sources of market-competitive financing. Walmart will host a series of technical workshops on key energy efficiency topics such as HVAC, efficient motors, and lighting. Please stay tuned for workshop dates and registration information.

Suppliers with China based manufacturers will be evaluated on their ability to identify and implement energy efficiency projects through their use of RedE and Walmart’s Sustainability Index program.  We encourage our suppliers to use the tools and resourced afforded through the Factory Energy Efficiency Program to help reduce energy consumption and inform Walmart about how they plan to make a difference in the coming years. We encourage our top supplier partners to recognize, support, and grow this program.