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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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IKEA Commits $1.13B in Renewable Energy


IKEA *******Because my girlfriend and I went shopping at IKEA this weekend, and I was reminded of the attitude IKEA has for sustainability, I felt compelled to re post this article…….(orig. posted June 7 2016)! Read More »

Walmart Sustainability Index

walmart sustainabilty

Walmart Sustainability Developing a sustainable standard for products The Sustainability Index is central to our ability to deliver sustainable products for our customers. Launched in 2009 in collaboration with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), the Index helps retailers and their suppliers: Improve the sustainability of the products customers love Integrate sustainability into the business of buying and selling merchandise Reduce cost, improve product quality ... Read More »

Walmart Sustainability, Targeting zero waste

walmart sustainabilty

Zero Waste Targeting zero waste Our aspirational goal of achieving zero waste across our global operations is bold, but we continue to make measurable progress. In the U.S., more than 81% of the materials that flow through our stores, clubs, distribution centers is being diverted from landfills. Our operations in Japan and the U.K. lead the way with a diversion rate ... Read More »

Walmart Sustainability 4/4

walmart sustainabilty

Walmart Sustainability Part 4/4 Walmart’s Sustainability Index Program Latest Sustainability Index Webinar Now Available Click here to watch. The Sustainability Index program is a powerful tool that is helping Walmart to understand, monitor, and enhance the sustainability of our products and supply chain. The program allows Walmart to integrate sustainability into our core business and to increase our customer’s trust ... Read More »

Walmart Sustainability 3/4

walmart sustainabilty

Part 3/4 Walmart Sustainability Part 3: How to Make a Difference – Factory Energy Efficiency Factory energy efficiency is a key priority for our general merchandise products sourced from China based manufacturers. Walmart aims to see 70 percent of its business sourced in China enroll in a program to reduce overall energy consumption by 2017. This is expected to reduce ... Read More »

Walmart Sustainability 2/4

walmart sustainabilty

Part 2/4: Walmart Sustainability Part 2: Introduction to Sustainable Chemistry in Consumables Walmart customers depend on us to sell products that are not only affordable but that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations and we are constantly evolving our business to better serve our customers today and for generations to come. ... Read More »

Walmart Sustainability 1/4

walmart sustainabilty

Part 1/4: Walmart Sustainability Learn how Walmart is working with suppliers to help customers and their families live healthier lives. Walmart one of the worlds largest companies is paving the way for the Green Revolution!  Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. At Walmart we have already made great progress in achieving our sustainability goals. ... Read More »