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Eco-Friendly Renovation 101

eco-friendly renovation

Eco-Friendly Renovation

If you plan to spend the rest of your days in a particular house, you have to have a financial plan dedicated exclusively to renovations. Over the course of a single decade, our homes require at least a few face-lifts, not to mention a few serious overhauls. This is why green renovation is a good investment for the future – you will save a small fortune on utility bills. If you are not well-versed in the topic, read on for some basic tips for eco-friendly renovations.

Start simple – purchase reclaimed

Eco-friendly renovations are not all about solar panels and cutting-edge technology. You can do some very simple things to reduce your home’s impact on the environment, like purchasing reclaimed furniture and household elements. It does not have to be fresh out of the factory. You can refurbish your entire kitchen with beautiful reclaimed wooden surfaces, which means not a single tree will fall for your project. The same can go for any part of your house – just find a certified designer who will create an aesthetically pleasing combo.

Second-hand stuff

Here is another simple and frugal way to create an eco-friendly home – you should consider purchasing pre-owned pieces of furniture. This one is pretty similar to buying reclaimed materials, only this one “cuts off” the middleman, and you buy finished products instead of merely building materials. Chairs, cupboards, desks, coffee tables, etc. – just find a retailer who deals in pre-owned furniture and refurbish your home.

The power of the sun

Of course, installing solar panels is not the only way to utilize the power of the sun. If you have some renovation money left, invest in bigger windows and add the skylights to let the sunshine into your household. You can add a lot of heating points over the winter if you open the blinds and let the sun rays refract through the window glass. It will also make your living space look airy and bigger.

Invest in better insulation

There are a few aspects of eco-friendly renovations that will require a bit more financing, but they are worth every penny in the long run. Better insulation is one of these aspects. Generally, you can lose a lot of heat (or cold) through common leak areas such as dryer vents, faucets, ducts, crawl spaces, etc. If you already have some form of insulation, you can hire responsible insulators such as HPR Texas ( to reinforce it. With all around better insulation, your electrical bill will decrease dramatically.

Go solar

If you live in a household that boasts a sizeable roof, you should contact certified solar-panel installers and create your own effective sun-farm at the top of your home. As far as this technology goes, you do not want to skimp – go out of your way to invest in quality Solar System 5kW panels and stay in touch with your installers for future tweaks and repairs. After the installation is done, it is economical to keep a phone number of the installer who now knows every nook and cranny of your solar panel system. It increases the chance of pinpointing the malfunction in a timely and efficient manner.

Energy efficiency

Appliances do not last forever, so you will be forced to go shopping for new utilities sooner rather than later. This is a great opportunity to go green and seek the most efficient ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves. Look for the Energy Star logo somewhere on the body of the appliance – this is pretty much all the information you need; for additional details ask for the information from the retailer.

If you want to do eco-friendly renovations but you have not considered it as an option before, the key thing is to start small. Create project strategies and look for reasonable price-tags on materials, stuff and new technologies. Going green is like starting any other project – you have to watch not to dive head-first into investments that can drain your resources

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