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Green Up Your Home Move

green up your home move

Green Up Your Home Move

More often than not, a home move is a stressful chore entailing plenty of financial expenses, physical work, and of course, there is always the worrying question whether the moving company will be up to the task. Much like any successful undertaking, a move will only be fruitful and cost-effective with prudent planning and timely organization, but also by introducing new, efficient solutions that will make the project a pleasure and a breeze.

Enter, environmentalism. You might be wondering how eco-friendly solutions are supposed to help you organize and execute a successful move, and the answer is quite simple. Eco-friendly practices make ideas of space management, energy, water, natural materials and fuel preservation come to life, and when infused into your relocation plan, these practices can significantly decrease your expenses and allow for substantial financial savings. Here’s how you can green up your home move, save money, and preserve the environment in the process.

Recycle and reuse

When preparing for a move, you can easily fall into the trap of adopting a hoarder mindset, believing you need to pack everything and anything from the time you were just a kid, to the empty batteries in the kitchen drawer you never threw out. This is where recycling plays a pivotal role in ensuring you get rid of all of the things you do not need, but cannot simply throw away into the garbage bin due to their hazardous materials that shouldn’t come into contact with the eco-system.

Recyclable materials such as plastic, paper and glass are obvious choices, but when planning a move, you should take old appliances, batteries, electronics and even paint cans into consideration. Is your new home going to be supplied with new amenities or are you going to bring your appliances with you? Consider this question thoroughly, so that you can make an efficient plan of recycling, selling or donating the elements you no longer need.

De-clutter and donate

The next step in executing a green move lies in a thorough de-cluttering process. Not only will getting rid of the things you don’t need free up some much-needed space in the truck, but more importantly, it will reduce the stress of packing and unpacking, allowing you to make substantial financial savings in the process by cutting down on fuel waste, manpower, and raw materials.

Rather than throwing stuff away, you should adopt a charitable mindset aimed at donating your things to ones in need. If you can’t decide whether you should get rid of something or not, just try to remember the last time you used it and assess whether keeping it will benefit you or just add to the physical and mental clutter.

green up your home move

Professionalism and efficiency

One of the most important elements in ensuring a fast, eco-friendly, and efficient move is to research and hire the most cost-effective moving company, by looking for honest online reviews and authentic testimonials from past customers.

The company of your choice needs to employ a truly professional staff paired with a number of efficient processes, For example, these removalists from Penrith use swift loading and unloading techniques, fuel and time efficiency, smart packing, and professional handling in order to cut down on your expenses and provide a quicker, more efficient service.

Buff and shine the green way

You don’t want to leave your old home in a mess, nor do you want to unload your things at your new place without a thorough clean-up. Rather than using unhealthy industrial cleaners, try to clean the green way – it’s cheaper, completely safe for your health and the health of the eco-system, and more often than not, it works better.

A new home, a new you

Finally, short-term solutions will do little for the long-term preservation of the environment, unless these solutions and other green practices become an inviolable part of your daily lifestyle. By imbuing your life with an eco-friendly mindset, you will be able to introduce healthy values into your new home, turning it into a green powerhouse and thus reaping the numerous benefits of environmentalism.

A home move doesn’t have to be a stressful chore, rather it can be rewarding and fun – all it takes is a bit of planning and persistence. Follow these essential rules for a greener relocation project, and you will easily organize a stress-free, successful move that will change your life for the better.

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