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Green Moving, 5 Tips to ‘Eco-Boost’ Your Move

Green moving

Green Moving

Eco-friendliness is an everlasting topic, since environmental issues are always a concern. That’s why many people try to eco boost every aspect of their lives and businesses. The eco-friendly “trend” has even made its way into moving and everything that it involves. So, if you’re planning to move into a new home soon, you should consider using some eco-friendly methods.

Minimize your inventory

When packing for the move you are granted a great opportunity to get rid of some things in your home. That’s great, because you should never move everything in your possession; especially because there probably is plenty of junk. The main mission of moving is to move as few things as possible. The lighter the load the less gas you will burn and you can save money. So, while packing you should decide which things you don’t need anymore and you can dispose of them appropriately. For the things that are still usable but you don’t need them, you can easily organize a garage sale and make some extra money. Some other things can simply be recycled in order to lower the pollution of the environment. Additionally, you can donate your old clothes, appliances or anything you desire to charity and make someone happy.

Eco-friendly packing materials

Many people invest into packing supplies, but that’s only an unnecessary expense. Your home is actually already full of packing materials and you might not even know it. Besides packing peanuts and bubble wrap, which are great packing materials, you can use newspaper, your blankets, towels and other soft fabrics that can pad fragile belongings. Also, you probably have plenty of storage bins and boxes that you plan on using in your new home, so make sure to pack as many things as possible in those and not waste money on additional materials.

Make fewer trips

If you have plenty of things to move, you are bound to make several more trips than it is desirable. This burns more gas and emits more gasses into the environment. To minimize this you can minimize your inventory, as mentioned before. Another great method is to rely on professionals instead of doing everything yourself. You can reduce the carbon footprint if you organize and pack your things and leave the  truck hire company to move everything for you in your new home in just a few trips. If you don’t have that many things the move can even fit into one trip.

Reuse the boxes

Boxes are your best friends when it comes to moving. However, you don’t have to buy new ones in order to be prepared. Rather, you can use recycled boxes, ask the local stores if they have any spare boxes or place ads that you are in need. Also, once you are finished with those boxes, you should give them to other people or recycle them. This will save you plenty of money and you won’t pollute the environment.

Start new habits in a new home

Once the move is over it doesn’t mean eco-friendly habits should stop. When you’ve settled into your new home, you should do your best to green it up. Use biodegradable products, such as soaps, detergents, trash bags and utensils. Also, you can invest into LED light bulbs and replace any old ones that drain energy. Keep any appliances and devices you don’t use unplugged so they won’t continue sucking out electricity. Lastly, you can upgrade to Energy Star labelled appliances and consider installing solar panels on your roof. Eco-friendliness has been discussed for years now and we should never stop helping our environment. When moving into a new home, there is so many ways you can help the nature around us so don’t hesitate to make a little extra effort.

Article written by, Diana Smith: Full time mom of two beautiful girls, a great animal and nature lover and a passionate traveler.