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Mother Nature, In Your Humble Abode

mother nature

Mother Nature

There have always been many people who wanted to bring as much nature as possible into their homes, regardless of the size and location. This makes perfect sense since we now know that the appeal of the natural and organic helps us feel much calmer and welcome into a space. Also, because of the raised awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources, the trend of introducing mother nature into our homes has gained great popularity all over the world.

So, if you’ve been thinking about remodelling your home for any reason, you might want to do it in a way that is either going to help you create a more peaceful atmosphere or boost the value of your property if you’re planning to put it up for sale. To help you with that, we’ve prepared some tips on how to bring mother nature into your humble abode.

Choose wisely

There are many different natural materials to choose from and you should definitely go for those that make you feel great and comfortable. From rock walls in the kitchen to dark wooden flooring in the living room, each natural element brings some special tone to the atmosphere of the whole home. If you’re not sure about what might look, just take some time to check out thousands of ideas posted online.

Bricks are fashionable again

The combination of mud, clay and water, brought together by fire, i.e. high temperature, is really timeless. Modern lofts often feature fabulous brick backdrops, which add both colour and texture to the place. You can leave bricks in their natural state or paint them over, depending on the effect you want to achieve and other elements in the room.

Wood as an obvious choice

Most people first think of wood when someone mentions natural materials. Regardless of whether you make it look like marble or leave it raw, with all knots and grains, wood is bound to bring warmth to any room.

Also, wooden furniture is extremely popular since it allows craftsmen to express themselves in the most original ways imaginable. Artisan crafted furniture brings rustic and country appeal, while antique elements invoke the feeling of nostalgia, which is why experts in property styling often use wood and stone furniture, as demonstrated here.

mother nature

Nature can be everywhere

You can now go for organic sheets and bedding or install a Zen fountain in your home office and introduce nature to every nook and cranny of your home. You can design your room to provide the effect that you need, e.g. relaxation, calmness or energy boost.


Not only can you have natural elements in your home, but you can also do your part when it comes to preservation and environment protection by using recycled and reclaimed items. For example, wood railroad ties can be used as ceiling support beams, which will give your home a rustic look and prevent unnecessary waste of this beautiful natural material.

Make sure you visit your local suppliers and builders who have access to locally sourced wood products before you start remodelling your home and see what they can offer. Also, ask them about other natural materials that you could get.

Let the sunshine in

Though it may not be something you’d think of when contemplating the use of natural materials, sunlight is definitely something that is cheap, beautiful and easy to introduce to most homes. Plenty of daylight can bring almost every home to life and make colours more prominent.

Even if you can’t have traditional windows, there are options such as solar tubes extended from the room, which can bring natural light to every room in your home and create a unique effect.

As you can see, there are many options for introducing nature to your home and the right choice depends primarily on your preferences and budget. Yet, even a small intervention of this kind is bound to have a positive effect on the quality of living.

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Article written for WhosGreenOnline.com by Lillian Connors, Lillian constantly embarks on fresh home improvement/green living/office design projects and spreads the word about them.