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Greenovate Your Workplace Effectively



In recent years, environmental issues and concerns have moved indoors and green offices are now part of the green building revolution. Most people spend up to 90% of their days indoors, especially at work and old-fashioned offices pose a great threat to everyone’s health. That’s why more and more companies are investing in green building and they seek ways to greenovate each workplace. However, every company needs to know what is essential to update in order to create a comfortable and healthy workplace.

Energy-efficient lighting

Every green office should use natural light as much as possible. Don’t invest in big windows only in executive offices. Rather, make the most of natural light in every corner of your office space and you will manage to raise productivity and health of all people working there. Besides natural light, every office should rely on highly-efficient LED lights. Such fixtures will significantly lower the expenses of an office while they will positively affect everyone inside. Task lighting is also important and it is even preferable to large overhead fixtures. Additionally, rarely used spaces should have timers or motion sensors for complete energy efficiency.

Protection from indoor pollutants

In order for your workplace to be healthy both for the environment and people working there, you need to remove all indoor pollutants. Remove any building materials that emit toxic fumes and improve the quality of the air filtration. Quality HVAC systems and air purifiers will help you remove airborne particulates and sources of mold as well as other pathogens. Additionally, some greenery should be added, so fill the space with air purifying plants, which will not only clear the air, but increase the productivity and efficiency of everyone inside.

Green materials

Start with the walls and paint them only with low-VOC paints in order to prevent any pollutants from entering the workplace. Also, such paints won’t harm the environment since they do not emit any toxic fumes. For the décor of your workplace, rely on natural materials or ones that are easily recycled. Steer away from synthetic carpets and plastic furniture and rely on wood, tiles and carpets made of natural materials. You can even invest in stone in order to add focal points and mesmerizing designs without harming the employees or the community.

Increase comfort and productivity

Creating a comfortable working area will not only increase productivity, but it can lower your costs and improve energy-efficiency. You should try and achieve an optimal working temperature in each room. However, sometimes the purpose of the room may require different temperature and you can invest in smart thermostats that will “learn” the patterns and needs of each room. If that’s not the option for your workplace, you can easily rely on low-energy alternatives such as ceiling fans and heat-absorbing window films that will preserve and maintain the temperature. Additionally, you should opt for a comfortable but effective design and you can find yours with commercial office design and fitouts which promise comfort paired with higher productivity and lower costs.

Take care of the environment

Another essential green aspect of a workplace is its effect on the community. Invest in pollution control, reduce the waste and be careful how you dispose of it. Another way to help your local community is to recycle furniture and everything else that can pollute the environment. Instead of disposing of your furniture, you can simply donate it to other companies which can reuse it. Additionally, local vendors can repaint the desks, shelves and other elements with low-VOC paints and give them a new home or you can simply reuse the new-looking furniture yourself.

Since we spend most of our time indoors, we shouldn’t let that affect our health. There are numerous ways to uplift the office design and make it more beneficial and efficient. Stay green, clear the air and your workplace will be the healthiest place there is.

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