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Coffee Cup Recycling, It’s a Problem

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Coffee Cup Recycling

coffee cup recycling

For those of us on the go, a quick cup of coffee is so often our saving grace. That blend of flavour and energy is the perfect pick-me-up whether it’s first thing in the morning, midway through a particularly stressful day, or on the way home with your troubles left far behind. Global franchises have built their fortunes on the fact that this luxury has all but become a necessity in today’s day and age, resulting in an astonishing number of disposable coffee cups being produced to meet our consumer needs – 7 million per day in the UK alone!

Yet once they have served their purpose, these cups take on a far less useful existence. Left to fester in mountains of rubbish in bins or simply thrown to the wind by the less considerate, their fate is typically that of the landfill or the incinerator, neither of which is any good for the environment.

The last twelve months has seen the industry make substantial strides both in terms of collection for recycling with leading high street names and Simply Cups leading the way, new more innovative and widely recyclable cups which we are looking to add to our ranges soon and re-usable cups from larger coffee outlets.

We shouldn’t be too negative though, as the country has already made great strides in the quantity of plastics (45%), paper (82%), and aluminium cans (50%) that we are currently recycling. Both individuals and private firms have been investing in doing their part to overcome this issue, which in reality will need the collective effort of all of us to do so. You won’t necessarily have to cut back on your consumption of coffee, just think a little of how to dispose of your cup once you’ve drained it to the bottom. (coffee cup recycling)