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Green up Your Swimming Pool

green up

Green Up

Sure, one way to “green” up your pool is to put plenty of plants around it and throw in some algae in for good measure, but that’s not what the term stands for. No, greening up means implementing eco-friendly solutions and practices in order to run an energy and water-efficient swimming pool.

These solutions will not only keep your upkeep expenses down substantially, but the pool will become safer and friendlier for the environment.

Use a pool cover

There are a number of options at your disposal, and whichever one you choose, remember to cover up the pool when it’s not in use. This can save you plenty of time and effort you would otherwise spend on cleaning, reheating and filling it up again. A pool cover can reduce the use of chemicals by 35-60% and prevent water evaporation by up to 97%.

You can choose a specifically designed pool cover that prevents heat from escaping so that you don’t have to waste energy resources for re-heating the pool as frequently, and you would be able to enjoy longer swimming sessions, even in the off season.

Pro tip: use solar pool covers or blankets to harness natural energy.

Mind the filter

Choosing the right kind of filter can mean all the difference in our water-saving efforts, and it’s one of the key elements of an eco-friendly pool. Different filters have a different environmental impact, and you should choose cartridge filters over sand filters that require frequent washing, resulting in substantial amounts of wasted water.

Additionally, program the filter so that it doesn’t run for more than 6-12 hours a day. This solution will not only cut down on energy expenses, but the filter will typically pay for itself within the first few months and you will reduce the use of chemicals across the board. Set the filter to run only 2 hours a day during the winter months.

Use rainwater

Instead of using water from municipal supplies, you can use rainwater to top up your pool. You can invest in a rainwater diverter that can be attached to a downpipe and go into your pool. Additionally, remember to look for a diverter that can filter out leaves and other debris. If you have some extra resources, invest in a separate rainwater tank as it enables you to store water easily and use it at your convenience.

Optimize cleaning

You need to clean your pool regularly. There are different cleaning options to choose from, and if you want to make the pool as green as possible, you should automate the cleaning process. Manually cleaning the pool is time-consuming and you waste more water, energy and often have to use hazardous chemicals to get the job done.

The use of automated swimming pool cleaners can cut down energy and water consumption significantly and save valuable time. In addition to being more eco-friendly, cleaners don’t use harmful chemicals and with their 360° rotating heads, they are able to reach every nook and cranny of the pool.

Let nature help out

You can plant natural windbreaks around the pool area to reduce water evaporation. Use various plants and shrubs that will not only have a practical application, but will also contribute to the poolside ambiance. You will spend less water on refilling the pool and less time on maintenance. Be sure to place the plants strategically so no leaves or debris end up in the pool, and only use those plants that don’t break easily.

Having an eco-friendly pool benefits the environment as well as the mind and soul. You will find happiness in the fact that you’re giving your contribution to the preservation of the environment when you start greening up your swimming pool.

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