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Saving Water When Traveling

saving water

Saving Water

Water conservation has always been an important part of our role in society. While water is a renewable resource, we must be careful with the amounts that we use on a daily basis because water is not a sustainable resource. Many people are conscious of the ways in which they use water at home, but what about when they travel? Most of the time, people who are traveling on a family vacation or similar types of getaways tend to forget about the realities of everyday life and waste food, water, and electricity during their time away. A vacation day should be treated just like every other day when it comes to conservation, particularly of water.

Saving Water Prior to Leaving

In the days before you leave to travel, there are several things you can do to prepare your home to save water while you are away. If you water your garden or lawn regularly, install a timer on your hose or sprinkler system. This will allow you to manage the amount of water you use each day you are away. You should also check the weather for the days you will not be home: On rainy days, you won’t need to schedule your sprinklers to turn on. Another great way to conserve water and also prevent damage to your home during your time away is to turn off your main water supply. This will not affect your sprinklers or outside water supply and will help to prevent as much damage as possible should your hot water tank burst while you are away. Yet another way to conserve water before heading out for travel is to check all pipes and faucets around your home. A leaky pipe can drip hundreds of unused ounces of water a month and possibly even burst, causing major damage to your home. Checking for these problems in advance can help you stop them in their tracks. Finally, when packing for a vacation, you’ll probably be doing loads of laundry. In order to utilize your washing machine to the best of its ability and conserve water at the same time, it is important to adjust the size of the load on your washing machine accordingly. This tells the machine how much water to use to get your clothing clean and allows you more control over your total water usage. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to conserve as much water as possible before you head out for travel.

Saving Water During Your Travels

You may think that while you are away, you are limited in the ways in which you can conserve your water usage. This is not the case! For starters, you can book your travel with hotels that are a part of the Rainforest Alliance. These hotels work tirelessly to conserve water usage throughout their properties and spread water conservation awareness to all of their guests. Even if you are not staying in a hotel in this network, there are other ways you can conserve water during your time away. For instance, you can reuse your bathroom towels and bed sheets during your stay instead of having fresh ones delivered each day. This helps the hotel cut back on water usage because they have less laundry to do on a daily basis. If you are going on a weekend getaway, pack light clothes that you can wash and line-dry in your hotel room, rather than using a washing machine or laundromat to clean your clothing. If you are going to be outdoors at a theme park for most of your trip, pack a refillable water bottle to drink from. You’ll save money and help conserve water usage! Still another great way to conserve water during your trip is to take less time showering and to never take a bath. Quick showers use the least amount of water, and taking less time in the shower leaves you with more time to enjoy your trip! By utilizing these methods during your travel, you are guaranteed to help conserve water.

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