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Monkey M8, Reusable Everyday Products

Monkey M8

Monkey M8

MONKEY M8 meaning MONKEY “MATE” = Friend.

With one foot in the remote jungle of Africa and the other in the Urban jungle of design in the streets of Stockholm, the idea was born to make great designed every day products and at the same time support the nearly extinct Mountain Gorillas of Uganda and Congo.


LONG LIFE: To give long life to the products (happy customers) and good working conditions to the staff (happy workers), at the same time give long life to the Mountain Gorillas (happy gorillas), was the best combination.

CANDY COLORS: We believe that customers want to buy a high quality product in their favorite color. That is why MONKEY M8 do all products in rainbow colors and give the choice of a box of candy.

SIMPLIFY NECESSITIES: To make clean cut Swedish design to every day necessary products that lasts over time and trends.


To make products just for the sake of it (quick and dirty) is in no ones interest. They just end up in the trashcan. MONKEY M8 is designed with love + care. Made in factories that understand quality and have good working conditions. It takes longer time, but it´s worth it. The products last long and the customers are satisfied. We make sure our staff is well taken care of as we do for the Mountain Gorillas. We all should have a good and long life. That´s what matters!

The brand MONKEY M8 was founded in 2015 by Peter Carlberger.