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Modular homes: Green Fix To UK Home Shortage

modular homes

Modular Homes

It may be a little less prevalent among news headlines, but the UK’s housing crisis is still ongoing. There aren’t enough homes to house the existing population, nor are there currently predicted to be enough for the population as it continues to grow.

But, one industry that could be a big part of the answer to that problem and also work on terms of green credentials too, is the modular, or prefabricated home industry.

“Prefab homes today are very different from the type that helped re-home Britons in a post-war landscape,” said Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes. “They are more often than not, built using sustainable materials with eco-friendly options already built in, sometimes as standard.”

Green materials

Many of the modular factories that are being built or have started to produce homes, use eco-friendly materials that will help the UK achieve a greener country, in line with EU targets.

Wood-based panels used from sustainable sources is just one way in which prefab factories are working in line with a more eco conscious outlook. Well insulated panels will help ensure the modular home will retain heat better and require less use of fossil fuel heating.

Solar panels and solar based water heating systems are also proving popular with the modular home industry. They help make the properties more attractive by have the green stamp of approval. And, even though solar details may not come as standard, they’re certainly an easy-to-add on extra when you order your modular home.

“Making it easier for home-owners and developers to own a greener new-build property, will likely result in more buyers opting for those eco-friendly extras,” said M&M Property. “The need for greener housing is being addressed by the Government too, with regulations requiring higher home energy efficiency levels, to help the UK achieve its 80% reduction in carbon emission by 2050.”

Government supports modular housing

In addition to the Government’s support of higher energy efficiency levels in the UK’s new and existing housing stock, it is also an advocate of prefabricated housing. That’s because it works for the UK on two levels:

  • It’s quick.
  • It’s green.

In its various housing papers and reforms, it has been made clear that financial support and other assistance is available for innovative housing options. The modular housing industry falls into that sector very clearly.

Indeed, a report conducted by the Greater London Authority in 2017, urged London Mayor Sadiq Khan to consider prefab housing, or offsite manufactured homes (OSM) as an important part of solving the city’s housing crisis. Khan agreed with the report and is strong supporter of the OSM industry.

And he’s not the only one. Councils around the UK are beginning to find favour with modular homes and acting on that view too. Social housing via housing associations have already ordered prefab properties to house those without a home. One, Greenwich council, is seeking assistance on how a £50 million modular housing plan could work for the borough.

“It’s no real surprise that the Government and local councils are supportive of modular housing, as it provides much needed homes quickly and often at an acceptable price too,” said Assetgrove. “In addition, the green aspect of modular homes, particularly from a heating and energy efficiency perspective, makes them an excellent option for the social housing sector.”

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