Wednesday, October 1, 2014
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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Top 10 U.S. Cities Running Out of Water (drought)


 Drought Even as we watch the stunning footage of an overwhelmed Detroit drowning under massive rainfall, U.S. Drought Monitor shows other regions of the country parched and longing for more water. The organization releases weekly maps tracking the extent of drought in the U.S., ranking regions on five levels: “abnormally dry,” “moderate drought,” “severe drought,” “extreme drought” and “exceptional drought.” ... Read More »

Willie Nelson and Neil Young Play Concert Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline


Keystone XL Pipeline Willie Nelson and Neil Young, whose Farm Aid concerts have been raising money for family farmers since 1985, demonstrated their support for the agricultural heartland in another way this weekend, headlining the Harvest the Hope: A Concert to Protect the Heartland. The sold-out event, hosted by Art and Helen Tanderup at their farm in Neligh in northeast ... Read More »

Combating Illegal Logging with Smartphones and Smarter Shopping


Illegal Logging Many of us make daily choices to try to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles. But there’s an element probably present in everyone’s home that’s contributing to the destruction of the natural world: items made from illegally sourced wood. The paper sitting in your printer, the toilet paper in your bathroom, and the coffee table in your living room ... Read More »

California Moves Toward Historic Statewide Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags


  Plastic Bags You’ve heard about the plastic detritus polluting our oceans. You’ve likely seen plastic bags from grocery stores hanging from trees and telephone poles. Some localities have already banned those single-use plastic bags, including 115 in California. In that state, plastic bags are one of the five most common items littering its beaches, according to Ocean Conservancy’s beach ... Read More »

Emma Thompson Teams With Greenpeace to Save the Arctic


Save The Arctic Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson has long been known for her activism related to AIDS, refugees and poverty. She’s also a dedicated environmental activist who is currently in theArctic Ocean with a Greenpeace Save the Arctic expedition. Thompson was interviewed from the Arctic by Thom Hartman about the work she and her fellow travelers are doing there, such ... Read More »

Precious Water (Bottled Water) and Shipped Out of Drought-Ridden California


Bottled Water Meanwhile, someone in Minnesota or Kentucky or Maryland may be drinking a bit of California’s precious commodity. Mother Jones reported this week that at least four majorbottled water companies—Aquafina, Dasani, Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead—use water from California, either ground (spring) water or tap water. Aquafina and Dasani both bottle and sell treated tap water, while Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead ... Read More »

People’s Climate March: Voices from the Street


People’s Climate March Our students spoke with some of the 400,000 people on the street during the People’s Climate March to find out why they were marching and what climate solutions they were most excited about. TO CHANGE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERYONE. On September 23rd, heads of state are gathering to New York City for a historic summit on climate ... Read More »

Simple Ways to Go Green at Home


  Go Green Going Green is not just cute buzzwords. Rather, it is a lifestyle designed to help save a finite resource, which is our planet. You can “go green” by making little changes around your house, from refraining using plastic to using recycled lumber for building projects.  Repurpose Materials Re-purposing means to take an item, and use it for something it was ... Read More »

Climate Reality Project: Why? Why Not?


Climate Reality Project     THE COMPETITION IS OVER BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT We were overwhelmed by the thousands who heard the call from all over the planet. And while it wasn’t easy, we selected the final seven winners who attended the United Nations Climate Summit in New York on September 23. While the competition may be over, ensuring ... Read More »

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