Saturday, December 20, 2014
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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The Most Important Drop of Water

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Water La Gota Más Importante (The Most Important Drop Of Water), a documentary part of theAction4Climate video competition, takes the complex subject of climate change and breaks it down in a way that even a child can understand it. Filmmakers Abdel Filós, Alberto Pascual, Guillermo Pérez, Raiza Segundo and Edgar Muñoz blend common experiences of people living in Panama with the perspectives of experts ... Read More »

6 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free


Gluten Free Awareness of the negative health effects of gluten has increased in the past few years. One 2013 survey shows that a third of Americans are actively trying to eliminate gluten from their diets. But gluten-free is more than just the latest fad … there are multiple studies showing that gluten can cause harmful effects. Here are 6 reasons to avoid ... Read More »

Kumi Naidoo: The Global Climate Uprising

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Kumi Naidoo There are a lot of very hard working environmental activists in the world, but one person in particular that I think tops the list is Kumi Naidoo, executive director ofGreenpeace International. Kumi Naidoo joined Amy Goodman and Juan González on Democracy Now! two days after the UN Climate Summit and four days after the People’s Climate March, where 400,000 people took to the streets ... Read More »

Carbon Neutral and Sustainable Are Simply Not Enough (Infinite Earth)


  Infinite Earth To learn more and sign our petition, click here. This week, there were thousands of academics, diplomats, lobbyists and pundits converging on New York for the United Nations emergency Climate Summit. Unfortunately, they were all arguing about the wrong topic. As a pseudo Eco-Economist, I feel compelled to shout: “It’s the Economy Stupid!—Not the Environment.” I know. I plagiarized the title. But it cuts ... Read More »

An Overview of Solar Pool Heating and How Much It Can Save You


  Solar Pool Heating What’s better than a pool in your backyard? A heated pool! The only problem is that the luxury comes at a price: literally, with a higher utility bill. The most common way to heat a pool is with a gas water heater, and running it often — especially when temperatures are colder — can really add up. And that’s ... Read More »

For Your Green Holiday gifts, Shop with us!


  WhosGreenOnline for your Green Holiday Gifts! When looking for the perfect gift, for that special person in your life, Spouse, Child, Family Member or friend, that is also environmentally safe and friendly. has an affiliation with, one of the biggest online shopping catalogs on the internet! Make WhosGreenOnline and Amazon one of your main online shopping sources ... Read More »

World Leaders, Listen to the People Not the Polluters

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  World Leaders The world has changed since our world leaders discussed climate change in 2009. It has become even more evident; ravaging crops in Africa, melting ice in the Arctic, drowning the Philippines and drying-up California. The poor are paying the highest price. But ever since super storm Sandy hit New York, even the rich in industrialized countries know ... Read More »

Ohio Singled Out for Worst Fracking Waste Disposal Practices


  Fracking The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report this week showing thatOhio was the only state among eight studied that allows waste fluids from oil and gas wells to be disposed of without disclosure of the chemicals it contains. The report, created as a request by seven Democratic U.S. Senators and Congresspersons, studied eight states where fracking has become widespread—California, Colorado, ... Read More »

Capitalism vs. The Climate: Stephen Colbert Talks To Naomi Klein

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Stephen Colbert Author Naomi Klein, who just released her new book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, was Stephen Colbert‘s guest on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report last night, explaining to the straight-man host why capitalism might be good for him personally but not for the Earth. Stephen Colbert Video: The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The ... Read More »

Must-See Video: Jon Stewart Tackles Climate Deniers in Congress


  Jon Stewart In last night’s segment of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart commented on Sunday’s People’s Climate March in New York, asking, “You may be thinking, do we really need a march to raise awareness of global climate change? I mean, it’s an accepted scientific phenomena pretty much everywhere.” “Here’s why you need the march,” he says, answering his ... Read More »

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