Monday, September 22, 2014
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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Plastic Bags and the Ocean – Plastic Pollution and Plastic Bag Facts

ocean pollution

Plastic  bags In 2007 San Francisco, California passed controversial legislation to ban the distribution of plastic bags in major grocery stores. The city estimated that more than 170 million plastic bags ended up littering public spaces – including storm drains – every year. Some of these plastic bags eventually end up in the ocean contributing to a country size collection ... Read More »

Apple Removes Toxic Chemicals From iPhone and iPad Manufacturing Process


Apple Sometimes friendly persuasion works. Apple has listened to the concerns of worker rights and green economy advocacy groups, announcing this week that it has banned a pair of potentially toxic chemicals from its production lines in China. According to Greenpeace International: “Apple announced a new commitment to tackle hazardous chemicals in its manufacturing supply chain. This included a ban on two dangerous chemical ... Read More »

Cars of the Future Are Here With the New Nissan LEAF

nisan leaf

Nissan Leaf Decades ago the cars of the future may have looked like something out of a science fiction movie, but not any more. Today’s cutting edge designs coming from the automobile industry not only offer sleek and stylish affordable automotive choices, car manufacturers are finally taking notice of the demand for high energy efficient vehicles as more consumers seek ... Read More »

Poll Shows Californians Oppose Dumping Fracking Chemicals Into Ocean


Fracking  Chemicals A poll commissioned by the Center for Biological Diversity and conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), surveying 500 California voters, found that a majority of Californians opposed fracking in their state and an even larger number support a ban on dumping fracking chemicals in the ocean. “This poll shows that Californians are deeply concerned about the environmental consequences of ... Read More »

Toyota Prius – Green Cars Leading the Way Since 1997


Toyota Prius It doesn’t seem that long ago when electric cars conjured up visions of retirees skirting fairways at ten miles an hour to play the next round of golf. Over these last fifteen-plus years electric transportation has grown in sophistication and fuel economy as it moved off the golf course and onto our nations freeways. Toyota led the way ... Read More »

Extreme Weather Ravages the West Coast

extreme weather

  Extreme Weather Climate deniers are gloating that the California wildfire season isn’t as bad as seasons past or as predicted in the spring, although that’s probably small comfort to the families being evacuatedfrom homes in Orange County near the Cleveland National Forest this weekend. And the fire season isn’t over, and neither is the hot, dry weather with temperatures in ... Read More »

The Organic Gourmet………….It’s All About The Yum!


WhosGreenOnline is very happy and honored to introduce:Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet! For over 30 years, Leslie Cerier, “The Organic Gourmet” Chef has been teaching culinary nutrition and hands-on vegetarian cooking for health and vitality, writing cookbooks focusing on eating local, seasonal, organic foods that are not just good for you, but also pleasurable, delicious and good for the planet. ... Read More »

Jimmy Carter Blasts ‘Nutcases’ Who Block Climate Action


  Climate Action Former President Jimmy Carter, in Aspen to receive a lifetime achievement award at the American Renewable Energy Day summit, pointed to “nutcases” who deny climate change,money in political campaigns (climate action) and a Republican Party bent on blocking anything proposed by President Obama as obstacles to bringing the U.S. up to the renewable energy level of other developed countries. The ... Read More »

Enviros Blamed for Bursting Frack Bubble


Bursting The Frack Bubble Here’s The Script, in four despicable acts: Act 1. Fracking boom goes bust as production from shale gas and tight oil wells stalls out and lurches into decline. Act 2. Oil and gas industry loudly blames anti-fracking environmentalists and restrictive regulations. Act 3. Congress rolls back environmental laws. Act 4. Loosened regulations do little to boost ... Read More »

The Most Endangered Child at Our Border


Our Border It has been heartwarming to see the vast amounts of news coverage and public attention to address the thousands of unaccompanied children arriving at our Southwest border with Mexico. As thorny as immigration issues are, our American humanity is taking hold, trying to come up with a workable solution that protects these engendered kids and their futures. And ... Read More »

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