Tuesday, May 3, 2016
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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U.S. Honeybee Pop. Plummets More Than 40%


U.S. Honeybee To the horror of beekeepers around the country, it appears that the worrisome decline in honeybees is getting even worse. According to the latest annual government study, U.S. beekeepers reported losing 42.1 percent of the total number of colonies managed from April 2014 through April 2015, much higher than the 34.2 percent from the year prior. The study was ... Read More »

Neil Young Releases His New Album: EARTH

neil young

Neil Young Neil Young has announced his new, full-length album EARTH. The 98-minute record, out June 17, features an unusual set of collaborators: live animals. Young described his latest project on social media: We made a live record and every creature on the planet seemed to show up. Suddenly all the living things of Earth were in the audience going crazy. Then they ... Read More »

Forest Fragmentation Threatens Biodiversity


Forest Fragmentation The U.S. currently has 59 national parks, protecting more than 210,000 square miles of land with several more public lands being preserved on state and local levels. Very few national parks are large enough to contain ecosystems. Problems such as greenhouse gases, climate change, industrial fumes, the extent of land development and their environmental impacts were not envisioned when most of ... Read More »

‘Greenest City’ in the World by 2020

green city

Greenest City In a country reckoned to have the worst climate policies in the industrialized world, one big city is setting out to defy the central government and become 100 percent carbon neutral. Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, wants to establish itself as “the greenest city in the world by 2020” by demonstrating that economic growth and the welfare of its citizens ... Read More »

Chemicals, Women Use 168 A Day


Chemicals Is it any surprise that the lotions, soaps and other products we use to make ourselves look younger or “better” might contain a nasty slew of chemicals? If you’re unsure or want to understand what these chemicals can do to your health, a recent report in The Guardian would be a good place to start. The report says that although many ... Read More »

David Suzuki: People Have Power to Change

climate change

David Suzuki Recent events in Canada have shown not only that change is possible, but that people won’t stand for having corporate interests put before their own. When plummeting oil prices late last year threw Alberta into financial crisis, people rightly asked, “Where’s the money?” They could see that an oil producer like Norway was able to weather the price ... Read More »

Arctic Nightmare, How You Can Help Prevent


Arctic Nightmare I had a terrible nightmare: President Mitt Romney approved Shell Oil’s drilling plans for the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. He did it even though his own Department of the Interior calculated that the odds of a large oil spill were 75 percent. He did it even though no proven method exists to respond to such a ... Read More »

Asthma, Allergy Sufferers, 35 Worst Cities


Asthma, Allergy Sufferers One of the hidden costs of climate change is its health costs. As more pollutants are pumped into the air we breathe, the health impacts mount. They include asthma, which has been increasing steadily especially in poorer neighborhoods, and allergies. Now the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has released a report, Sneezing and Wheezing: How Climate Change Could ... Read More »

Zero Carbon Future, 3 Steps!


Zero Carbon We’ve all heard that we need to cut use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels to decarbonize the environment and slow climate change. And, except for a handful of vocal climate deniers, most of us agree. But in real, practical terms, how do we going about doing this? The World Bank has laid out the primary steps we need to ... Read More »

Earth Day, 5 Ways To Make It Every Day

earth day

Earth Day 2016 April 22 is Earth Day! Worldwide, people will participate in activities to support a healthy, sustainable environment. Earth Day raises awareness of our planet as a living organism that needs and deserves our respect and love. This year, let’s make Earth Day last all year. Let’s challenge ourselves to change the way we interact with Earth so ... Read More »

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