Monday, January 26, 2015
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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Studies Confirm Humans Play Significant Role in Altering Climate


Climate “This study has shown for the first time that the drying of the monsoon over the past 50 years cannot be explained by natural climate variability, and that human activity has played a significant role in altering the seasonal monsoon rainfall on which billions of people depend,” Dr Polson said. Two separate studies have confirmed the extent of human ... Read More »

Low-Carbon Energy World ‘Feasible’ by 2050


Low Carbon Energy Energy production-related climate change mitigation targets are achievable, given a slight increase in the demand for iron and cement, and will reduce the current emission rates of air pollutants. A global low-carbon energy economy is not only feasible, it could double electricity supply by 2050 while actually reducing air and water pollution, according to new research. Even ... Read More »

Ocean Acidification from Climate Change Could Cost $1 Trillion


Ocean Acidification New research demonstrates threats to marine ecosystems but growing awareness points to solutions. The United Nations Environment Programme and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) released a report this week at a conference in Korea, compiling studies on the impact of increased ocean acidification, caused by absorbing carbon dioxide, on the marine and coastal ecosystems. The report updated a ... Read More »

Reducing Carbon Emissions Would Fuel Global Economy

carbon emissions

Carbon Emissions Evidence is amassing to discredit those middle-ground politicians who say they think climate change is real but don’t think we should address it because of the steep economic costs. With the right policies, moving from fossil fuels into renewable energy could mean trillions of savings to be invested in economic growth. Two reports issued today by the Climate Policy ... Read More »

Obama: No Challenge Poses a Greater Threat Than Climate Change


Climate Change There was a lot of buzz beforehand about what President Obama would say and what he should say about climate change in his State of the Union address. In the end, he devoted three minutes of the hour-long speech to it, and much of what he said either touted his accomplishments or emphasized his previous positions. But he expressed forcefully how ... Read More »

Massive Methane Hot Spot Detected by Satellite


Methane The Four Corners area seen in red produces the largest concentrated amount of methane emissions in the U.S. On this map, lighter colors are higher than average; darker colors are lower. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Michigan One tiny section in the U.S. is responsible for a significant amount of the country’s methane emissions, according to new information released by scientists from ... Read More »

Bright Green Events LA (Environmental Services)

environmental services

Environmental Services Elisa Brown Email   CEO at Bright Green Events LA (environmental services) March 2008 – Present (6 years 11 months)Greater Los Angeles Area Bright Green Events and Consulting is a social enterprise dedicated to moving Los Angeles towards zero waste by “Zero Wasting” Events, Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, ReSource Recovery, Creative Reuse and Creating Green Jobs and ... Read More »

Climate Action = Economic Gains

climate action

Climate Action Evidence continues to pour in that policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only aren’t detrimental to economic growth but in fact can fuel it. A new study by World Resources Institute, Seeing Is Believing: Creating a New Climate Economy in the United States, adds compelling evidence by providing examples of areas where government policies and technological progress are ... Read More »

Chef V’s ORGANIC Green Drink

ke119-6931cd0c-8964-4e66-8f46-d6a93f291aed-v2 (1)

The Green Drink #1 Way To Get Your Greens Every Day! You’ll never be the same once you’ve experienced this life changing drink from Chef V, the nation’s First Organic Chef Formulator.   “Have you ever wanted energy like a five-year old, be able to burn FAT like an incinerator, feel better, look 10 years younger, and do it in ... Read More »

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