Tuesday, July 29, 2014
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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Obama Inches Toward $150 Million Loan For Nation’s First Offshore Wind Farm

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  Offshore Wind Farm The Cape Wind project faced a dozen opposers in court over the years, but it has never been closer to reality. The U.S. Department of Energy on Tuesday announced the first step toward issuing a $150 million loan guarantee to help Cape Wind begin constructing the nation’s first offshore wind farm as early as next year. The commercial-scale operation would create a capacity ... Read More »

How Does Your State Rank For Beach Water Quality?


Beach Water Quality! The Natural Resources Defense Council analyzed 3,485 coastal U.S. beaches, and the results weren’t always pretty. Ten percent of those beaches had water too polluted to swim in. In addition to naming the country’s “Superstar Beaches” and “Repeat Offenders,” the NRDC’s Testing the Waters study ranked states, based on their beaches’ BAV or Beach Action Value, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s benchmark for evaluating swimmer safety. Keep in ... Read More »

Why the Environment (sustainability) Matters to These Pro Athletes

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  Pro Athletes and Sustainability Xavier de Le Rue and Courtney Conlogue share a few things in common. Both are winners of championships and various accolades in their respective sports, which earned each a spot on the multisport Swatch Proteam. However, they also keep environmental concerns near the top of their minds. Whether it’s Conlogue, a surfer and “super athlete” wearing a ... Read More »

This Physicist Will Pay $10,000 to the Person Who Disproves Climate Change

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  Climate Change If there were ever a time for climate deniers to prove what they believe—or don’t—it’s now. They stand to win $10,000 if they are successful in disproving the idea that manmade emissions are responsible for the Earth’s climate change, writes Dr. Christopher Keating, a physicist who has taught at the University of South Dakota and the U.S. Naval Academy. Forget ... Read More »

35 Superstar Beaches (And 17 You Might Want to Reconsider)


Beaches RT @tripsbylance: 10 of the best beaches in Californiahttp://t.co/GSGajMUM5t via @StunningPlace If one of your favorite summertime activities is a trip to the nearest beach (or a vacation to the shore), then you’ll want to read this. In its 24th annual beach report released yesterday, Natural Resources Defense Council(NRDC) designated 35 popular U.S. beaches across 14 states as “superstars.” Beaches ... Read More »

How EVs Could Prevent More Than 18 Million Tons of Carbon Pollution a Yr.


With nearly 220,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on U.S. roads, politicians and clean energy advocates believe it’s time to charge ahead further. Environment America‘s new study, Driving Cleaner: More Electric Vehicles Mean Less Pollution, proves the point of its title while showing why things should get even better under the Clean Power Plan and with increased deployment of renewable energy. “It’s time to charge ahead,” said ... Read More »

Reclaim, Reverse, Resurrect: What it really takes to upcycle work!


Upcycle! Everything you throw away has value, however small. Whether it’s a garment that has outlived its stitching, a broken chair, a bicycle wheel or a lowly plastic bag, it is still something that’s made from a refined material and designed for a purpose. But what if it’s broken, bent, torn or rusted? Is it trash? What can you actually do with it? Realistically, ... Read More »

Al Gore’s Important Article on Climate Change and Fossil Fuels


  Al Gore on Climate Change Al Gore has written an important article, “The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate,” published June 18 in Rolling Stone magazine. The subhead of the article: “It’s time to accelerate the shift toward a low-carbon future.” It’s a comprehensive piece whose primary point is that the clean energy forces are winning: “We are witnessing the beginning of a ... Read More »

Triple Pundit (People, Planet, Profit)


Triple Pundit.com Triple Pundit is a new-media company for highly conscious business leaders.  We have grown to become one of the world’s most well read websites on ethical, sustainable & profitable business with over 350,000 unique monthly readers. Our (Triple Pundit) philosophy is based on the triple bottom line - People, Planet & Profit.  The TBL argues that economy, environment and society are inseparably related and ... Read More »

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