Saturday, September 19, 2020
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Overpopulation, causing Climate Change?



People, I’m not a Scientist, Doctor, or a Genius, however as founder of WhosGreenOnline, I have spent hundreds of hours doing research on environmental issues related to Earth today! Among the many issues we humans are dealing with, (unfortunately many of us do not even realize the magnitude or severity of the problems we are facing today). The problem I find to be the most severe is Overpopulation.

  • Overpopulation: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, it takes common sense to realize; If we are facing such problems as droughts, fresh water, traffic (CO2 emissions), plastic in our oceans, just to name a few, at 7 Billion people on Earth today, and with our population expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. Common sense tells me, we are in for a World of Pain, Thirst, Hunger, Starvation, and Disease. We are on a path to kill ourselves, not in our lifetime, (one, two, three generations from now), the issues we humans will be facing are going to be much more severe if changes are not made now. I’m not a pessimistic person, however, I cant help to realize, life as we know it today is going to be much different one hundred years from now. Perhaps China in 1979, had the right idea, to put a limit on how many children a family can have: 1 child policy

Again, I’m not a pessimistic person, I’m actually a very positive person, but I also have common sense. My Common Sense tells me, the majority of the population doesn’t have common sense or does not care………………………..“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s Greed”  I cant help to think that perhaps this is the beginning of another “mass extinction”. I’m not trying to be a hero and change the World, my hope is to give my audience a little something to think about, not necessarily for ourselves, for our children and for our grandchildren!

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