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The Danger of Disposable Coffee Cups

the danger of disposable coffee cups

The Danger of Disposable Coffee Cups

Those of us who drink coffee in the morning before work probably don’t give it a second thought. But depending on how you drink it, it might have more impact on the environment than you think—especially if you’re not drinking from a reusable cup.

Many coffee cups (particularly disposable ones) create problems for the planet , and it often begins before you even put coffee in them, while they’re sill being produced. The creation of paper coffee cups, for instance, requires 20 million trees each year.  Styrofoam cups have their own share of problems, being made from non-renewable petroleum.

After you drink your coffee, where does the cup go? If it’s disposable, there’s a good chance it ends up in a landfill; paper coffee cups are impossible to recycle, and most recycling programs will turn away plastic cups as well. Styrofoam cups are especially problematic here; they take about 500 years to break down.

If you can’t  think selflessly about the environment , think selfishly about your own health. Paper and plastic coffee cups can also leach harmful chemicals into your drink.

Fortunately, reusable coffee cups are a safe, cost-effective, and earth-friendly alternative—one that you can also customize with a logo or tagline to promote your business. This infographic from Printwand goes above and beyond. Not only does it break down the pros and cons of each type of coffee cup, it also illustrates where coffee comes from and the various blends available. Read on to learn more interesting facts about coffee.


  1. I also drink coffee every morning (even Sunday) and I rarely had the chance to see reusable coffee cups at the office (I work every day).
    What is very sad is the fact that I found used coffee cups (disposable) and also garbage in the forest, which shows that some people don’t respect the environment not even when working in the forest.