Monday, September 25, 2017
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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E-Waste, Photos Capture Huge World Problem

mhm recycling

E Waste People burning electronic scraps at the Agbogbloshie e-waste dump in Accra, Ghana. The Guardian described the fumes as “head-pounding.” Photo Credit: Bit Rot Project A lot has been written about e-waste. In 2012, 50 million tons of e-waste was generated worldwide, and with the proliferation of smartphones, smart watches and other tech gear, that number will only increase. United ... Read More »

Solar Bike Delivers Big

Solar Bike Regular electric bikes are already pretty eco-friendly, but they usually need to be powered by fossil fuels. But now a Danish solar engineer, Jesper Frausig, has found a way around that by creating a bike that’s powered by the clean, green energy of the sun—the Solar Bike. The Solar Bike has “highly efficient” and “shadow optimized” solar cells on ... Read More »

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle (EV) For those of us fortunate and intelligent enough to own an electric vehicle (EV), I have provided a map to find the location of Electric Vehicle charging stations in the U.S.  Depending on the need or purpose of owning an electric vehicle (EV), whether to and from work, or around town running errands, a charging station may ... Read More »

Air Pollution, Rankings of Cities in America


Air Pollution The American Lung Association′s (ALA) annual “State of the Air” report came out Wednesday. The report reviews monitoring data on the two most common and harmful types of air pollution—ozone (smog) and particle pollution (soot)—and compiles “a report card” telling how much of each type of pollution is in the air where you live. The state of the air ... Read More »

The Tesla Battery Will Change the World


Tesla  Renewable energy sources like solar and wind have always been limited by their intermittency, but now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a suite of batteries to store electricity for homes, businesses and utilities, saying a greener grid furthers the company’s mission to provide pollution-free energy, reports Bloomberg. “We’ve obviously been working on building a world-class battery, a super-efficient ... Read More »

Plastic in Ocean, 20 yr. old has solution


Plastic Last June, an intrepid teenaged environmentalist made headlines after developing The Ocean Cleanup, described as the “world’s first feasible concept to clean the oceans of plastic.” Boyan Slat, a Dutch former aerospace engineering student, said his plastic-capturing concept can clean half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a decade. The project was inspired after the young man took a ... Read More »

Yellowstone, Stunning Time Lapse Video


Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park is the flagship of the National Park Service and a favorite to millions of visitors each year. The park is a major destination for all members of the family. By driving the grand loop road, visitors can view the park from the comfort of their vehicle and also take a rest at one of the many ... Read More »

BMWi8, World’s Greenest Car

green car

World’s Greenest Car  There’s a reason why this plug-in hybrid is described as “the most progressive sports car.” The BMW i8 was presented with the 2015 World Green Car Award at the New York International Auto Show, repeating the automaker’s win last year with their purely electric BMW i3. The international jury recognized the car for its plug-in hybrid drive technology, ... Read More »

Solar Energy: Grid vs. Battery Storage

solar power

Solar Energy As solar power—both giant farms and small rooftop installations—enjoys tremendous growthacross the U.S., there’s been pushback from big utility companies. They’ve campaigned to end net metering, in which solar panel owners can return unneeded power they’ve generated to the grid for credit, and to add fees to their bills, calling homeowners and small businesses with rooftop panels “free ... Read More »

California Drought, must see video


California Drought The Bay Foundation, part of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power′s (LADWP) Community Partnership Grant, put out a public service announcement promoting water conservation with a quick, humorous look at Los Angeles’s water supply. (California Drought) This clever, one-minute video highlights the tough decisions Californians have to make with the Golden State in its fourth year of drought. A year ... Read More »

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