Sunday, April 23, 2017
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi

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China, It’s Deadly Air Pollution


China Using Google maps and new data on China’s air pollution, Berkeley researchers created a real-time map of the country’s appalling air quality. The map is based on findings that the scientists published last month in the journal PLoS One. Using hourly air pollution data from more than 1,500 sites, researchers concluded that air pollution is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million ... Read More »

Hawaii, Clean Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Hawaii A new hydrogen fuel cell generator has been set up in the Port of Honolulu, Hawaii, at the shipping facility of Young Brothers Ltd. The unit is already providing power to refrigerated containers on shore and it will soon be powering the same refrigerated containers on Young Brothers’ barges that ship goods to Hawaii’s other islands, according to a statement from Sandia ... Read More »

Coffee Cup Waste Conundrum

coffee cup

Coffee Cup In Great Britain alone, eight million takeaway coffees are bought every day. That’s a lot of coffee. It’s also a lot of cups (not to mention lids and cup holders). However, it’s okay, because according to the big coffee chains, these cups are recyclable. Why wouldn’t we believe that? After all, most are labelled with the recognisable Mobius-loop ... Read More »

Indoor Farms: The Future of Agriculture?

indoor farms

Indoor Farms The PBS series The Good Stuff looked into eating bugs as part of their series on the “Future of Food.” As part of that series, they also investigated vertical farming (indoor farms), which has gained much attention in the U.S., including the news that the world’s largest vertical farm recently broke ground in Newark, New Jersey. The hosts of The Good Stuff head to ... Read More »

Trees, Earth Has Lost Half, Since Civilization


Trees An international collaboration of scientists has just completed the ultimate green census—by calculating that the planet is home to 3.04 trillion trees. The latest estimate is far higher and almost certainly more accurate than any previous attempt. But the bad news is that humans are removing trees at the rate of 15 billion a year—and there are now about half ... Read More »

Ocean Plastic, Here Is Some Great Info.

ocean plastic

Ocean Plastic Decades-old notions of mythical plastic islands and garbage patches invoked hundreds of cleanup schemes, like the Dutch organization “Ocean Cleanup Project‘s” (OCP) 60km-wide Net Array. While the media sensationalism in the early 2000’s created plenty of public outcry, we still today battle misconceptions about the efficacy of ocean cleanup. The latest effort of OCP in the North Pacific ... Read More »

Renewable, Third U.S. City Goes 100%


Renewable City Aspen is one of three U.S. cities to run on 100 percent renewable energy, according to city officials. The Colorado mountain town is best known for its posh ski resorts, but this beautiful town also has established itself as a leader in environmental stewardship. The city had been using about 75 to 80 percent renewable energy until Thursday when ... Read More »

Trucking Industry, New Era of Green Travel?

trucking Industry

Trucking Industry All around the world, the environment has long been choking on carbon emissions, in no small part due to industrial transport. In the skies, at sea and on the roads, mass pollution has become the price of global development. But what is this no longer had to be the case? Particularly within the trucking industry, great strides are ... Read More »

Renewables, 2nd Largest Source of Electricity


Renewables It probably surprises nobody to learn that coal produces more of the world’s electricity than any other fuel. But it may provide food for thought to realize that the second most widely-used fuels for power generation are now renewables. Electricity generation from renewable sources has overtaken natural gas to become the second largest source of electricity worldwide, the International ... Read More »

Fossil Fuels, The Turning Point

fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels The news last week that the Australian Newcastle city council had voted to divest from fossil fuels stock was one of those signposts that historians will some day cite to mark the greatest economic transition in human history. A young councillor, Declan Clausen, was able to grasp the truth that eludes the Australian federal government and indeed so many ... Read More »

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