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Eco Friendly DIY Drain Repair

eco friendly diy drain repair

Eco Friendly DIY Drain Repair

Blocked drains are common household situations in life. The signs are obvious in such cases. Water goes off slowly from the sink. Sometime there are unpleasant smells or colors in the collected liquids. Blocked drain condition can arise when solid particles, debris or hair gets stuck in the pipes. Drains which are blocked often lead to water clogging in your bathroom or basins. It can also lead to water leakage scenarios. If not treated effectively, it can also hamper the overall health of your piping and drain system. This is why effective drain clearing must be performed as soon as possible for blocked drains. Clean up of drains can be done either by contacting a plumber or by yourself at

***If you opt for doing it at home, here are some tips from expert plumbers for effective drain clearing:

#1. Boiling Water:

One of the main causes of drain blockages is accumulation of food, cooking oil or grease. While working in the kitchen very often these gets clogged up in the sink pipes. Clogging can happen because of this. You can easily clean up such small blockages in drainage pipes by pouring boiling hot water down the drain. However, there are certain
precautions you must take if you opt for this method of drain clearing. If your pipes are made of metal, then you should opt for boiling water without much hassle. But not all pipes are metal based. Boiling water can harm PVC pipes by loosening their joints. If you have PVC pipes you should opt for pouring hot water instead of boiling water.

#2. Drain Cleaners:

Another method of effective drain clearing is through the use of drain cleaners. There are a number of good cosmetic drain cleaners available in the market. They can clear your drains in a fast and effective manner. They can dissolve any food material that may be lodged in your drain or any other kind of solid cleaners. These are most effective chemical based cleaners often used for clearing out blockages caused by hair clumps. You can also make your own DIY cleaner at home with the help of vinegar and baking soda. By mixing these two ingredients and pouring them down the drains, you can dissolve any blockages that are clogging your drains. However, a flow of water must be made immediately once such chemical are used in pipes.

#3. Hydro Jet:

Hydro jets are very efficient tools of drain clearing purposes. They are devices which are used to inject the drain with  a strong water pressure. This water pressure helps push down any blockage material that may be clogging your drain. They work in a quick and efficient manner and are also very easy to work with. They also ensure better health for your piping system than chemicals. This method is not very useful in case of solid blockages and this must be kept in mind while choosing a hydro jet cleaning technique.

#4. Plunger:

A very easy way to clear your drains is through the use of a plunger. The use of a plunger is equally effective in clearing out both clogged drains and clogged toilets. A plunger creates a vacuum in your drain, and then proceeds to force an upwards and downwards pressure. This loosens up the clogged material and helps them move down the drain. Plungers can effectively clear out the blocked drain problem. It can be a physically exhaustive method, but this is also one of the most effective methods used in drain clearing.

#5. Dish Detergent:

Dish detergents also work wonders in clearing up clogged drains. It is easy and simple to perform as these are found in houses easily. It basically functions as a lubricant which clears up oil and grease from your pipes.

Effective drain clearing is possible right at home if the following the above very simple steps. They provide a basic guideline on how to clean your drains without hassle or spending your money. Hiring expert plumbers is indeed a good idea but they do come with a bill. Effective cleaning is possible with a little research and practice.

Article written for by Ashley Kinsela,

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