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Guide to Making Your Car Environ. Friendly


Guide to Making Your Car Environmentally  Friendly

Are you worried about your contribution to climate change? If so, you’re not alone. There’s an increasing body of evidence which claims that us humans are responsible for shifting our planet’s climate, and that there are steps we can take to minimize our impact.

If you’re the environmentally conscious type, you might already be utilizing some of these tips and tricks in various aspects of your life. Maybe you’re making sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room, or trying to be aware of how much hot water you’re using when showering. Perhaps you’re lowering the thermostat in your home during the winter, opting to wear socks and a sweatshirt instead of cranking up the heat. And, of course, it’s always possible to save some energy during the summertime by using fans rather than air conditioning.

Still, though, all of these lifestyle changes miss the one enormous impact that many of us have on climate change: our automobile habits. In some cases, it’s possible to get rid of your car altogether and make the transition to public transit. For the vast majority of us, though, this simply isn’t possible. If you’re in most parts of the U.S., you’ll find that trying to rely 100% on public transportation isn’t a reasonable option.

Fortunately, though, it’s possible to hold onto your car while still reducing its impact on the environment. How? Well, if you have an old clunker on your hands, it can be a good idea to sell your junk car to an auto recycling company,
particularly if you’re here in the state of California. But, if you want to keep your car in service a bit longer, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize its environmental impact. Keep reading to learn more.

Reduce Your Speed

You don’t have to inch your way around town to reduce your impact on the environment. As you may already know, the best fuel economy for any given car occurs at about 55 mph. This means that highway travel is best done at 55, not at 70 or 80. The closer you get to 55 mph, the better your fuel efficiency and the less you’ll be contributing to climate change.

Skip the A/C

Did you know that your vehicle’s air conditioning consumes a ton of energy? If you’re cruising through town at low speeds, consider rolling down your windows and switching off your A/C. If however you’re on the highway, the opposite is true. By rolling down your windows at high speeds, your vehicle will encounter extra drag, which actually reduces its fuel efficiency. In this case, keping your windows up and turning the A/C down a little is the most environmentally friendly thing to do.

Lighten the Load

What’s in your trunk right now? Do you have a bunch of cargo in your vehicle that doesn’t actually need to be there? The heavier your car is, the more gas you’ll use to get from point A to point B. By lightening the weight of your vehicle, you can significantly reduce its energy expenditure.

Recycle Your Car

At some point, every vehicle dies. When that happens, you’ll want to do everything you can to divert it from the landfill. Here in California, you can sell your junk car to an auto recycler like Junk Car Traders. We pay the most for junk cars in California, and we ensure that your vehicle is recycled rather than sent to the landfill. To learn more, visit