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Greener Temperature Control in a Small Home

greener temperature

Greener Temperature

We all strive to make our homes warmer in the wintertime and cooler during the scorching summer months. There’s one term that encapsulates the entire concept – thermal regulation. Still, how to obtain it in a small abode by using eco tools and measures?

For starters, if you don’t have a property of your own, it’s recommended to go for one of those low-carbon-footprint houses with passive thermal regulation solutions and save yourself from additional remodelling.

However, a large number of people are stuck with their energy inefficient homes that pose numerous challenges when green cooling and heating remodelling ventures are concerned. In that case, you must make use of proper insulation, smart AC and heat-recovery generators if you’re planning to renovate your own home. Here’s a more detailed insight into elements of small but comfortable eco-conscious homes. (green temperature)

Look at the bigger picture

Take your entire building into consideration and its efficiency to tailor an optimal, green solution for your tiny home. For instance, heating systems are usually connected to a single central unit (boiler).

They either tend to be lousy underachievers or energy wasters, since they often provide excessive or insufficient amount of heat. Opening your windows in mid-January or resorting to additional heating devices is decidedly not eco-proof.

Fitting your own apartment with a separate heating unit or chucking the boiler services is tempting, but not superior to the previous solution. To ensure your common heating system is operating perfectly, hire a seasoned professional to perform routine maintenance and repairs (if necessary).

When it comes to extreme summer temperatures, small spaces can be rather unforgiving. Every move you make and every technical device you own will make your tiny flat stuffy in a matter of minutes. In ideal circumstances, a smart, energy-star rated HVAC system is a must, especially if you lead a very rich social life and host a lot of parties.


We’ve mentioned the passive means of attaining temperature control, and proper insulation is the first thing that springs to mind when this topic is in question. The main benefits of this method is the prevention of heat loss in the chillier months. Before we mention some specialised insulation treatments, we must point out that (roller) blinds, thick drapes and shaggy rugs can aid significantly in heat retention.

For windows, a glazing treatment will allow you to improve thermal regulation without changing the frame or entire set-up. Air gaps and old joists can be sealed with handy damp-spray cellulose, mineral wool or cellulose batts. This method doesn’t interfere with the adjoining apartments and provides excellent sound insulation and fire protection.

Air conditioning

Ventilation can provide the influx of fresh air, but this won’t help when you’re hosting a large crowd on a scorching August day. While some consider AC to be a necessary evil, a carefully chosen smart device can make a world of difference. A rich selection of air conditioning systems allows you to pick the one that fits into your space seamlessly and make a room pleasantly cool.

You don’t have to pick the most powerful system on the market, as a standard unit can do the job just as good. After all, overly chilled environment may lead to health issues and reduced comfort. If you’re not allowed to make changes to your apartment with split models, you can obtain a portable or casement unit and increase the comfort of your small home without major alterations.

Natural gas

Natural gas is yet another fantastic, cost-effective solution to heat your cozy home, plus it’s much more environmentally-friendly than electricity. However, any smart homeowner knows that gas can be tricky. That’s why the installation of a gas hot water system or new natural gas outlets, as well as the detection of potential leaks, is a job for seasoned, licensed gas fitters, as the guys behind Your Choice Plumbers.

If you want to boost the thermal efficiency of your modestly-sized home, going without a (HRV) heat recovery ventilator is never a good idea. This apparatus basically imports fresh air from the outside to your interior space. While it’s not the best all-around solution, heat exchangers recycle a great deal of available heat with minimal losses. This makes them a staple air circulation device for any small home that strives to achieve a greener temperature management.

By combining some simple practices and additions with specialized treatments and tools for thermal regulation, you will be able to turn your small abode into a green energy haven. Make use of our suggestions to achieve the same for your own quarters.

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