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Going Paperless in the Office

going paperless in the office

Going Paperless In The Office

It is a well-established fact that office workers use (and waste) a tremendous amount of paper each day. Printing and paper costs are enormous. Substantial square footage and numerous file cabinets are required to store paper documents. A significant amount of time is spent searching for physical documents … and the list goes on.

Encouraging recycling, while a lofty goal, does not solve the paper problem. By now, most businesses are considering going paperless, if they haven’t done so already. While it may be impossible to eliminate 100% of paper usage, technology makes it possible for companies to achieve a near-total reduction of paper.

Before reorganizing the way your office works with documents, read the accompanying infographic entitled A Practical Guide to a Paperless Office. It begins by spelling out exactly how much paper we really use, segues into the benefits of cutting down on paper usage, and then offers 10 tips for creating a paperless office.

Many businesses haven’t made the switch, either because they are unaware of the benefits of going paperless or they are overwhelmed at the thought of changing the way they work. As shown in the infographic, the benefits of paperless operation are many and they outweigh the costs and inconveniences. When you decide it’s time to go paperless, review the information provided in the infographic. Isn’t it time your office stopped wasting paper and trees, and started to improve employee productivity, instead?

***Graphic created by Goby, an accounts payable automation solution provider.