Sunday, February 25, 2018
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Here at, it is our mission to promote Sustainable, and Environmentally friendly business, companies, news and service around the World. We also think it is very important, to advertise and promote to our friends, followers, Sustainable and Environmentally friendly Green Products from around the World! It’s a Green Theeeng! For a Green Routine from A to Z, we invite you to give us a peek, and find your Environmentally friendly Green Products, News, Service and Companies around the World!

When one of our readers gave us a bit of info. to share with our readers, I was more than willing to post and pass on these helpful tips, suggestions and advice for 7 Energy-Saving Resources for Those Hoping to Make an Impact.

I would like to thank Aaron Thompson for providing these helpful resources:

With all the tragedy going on in the world lately, I’ve been trying to find as many ways as I can to make a positive global impact.

I may not be able to control what others do, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely helpless at affecting change in the world. I can make sure I’m not hurting the planet I call home, and that I’m doing my part to preserve it for other creatures and for future generations.

The experience I’ve had focusing on creating a more green-friendly environment in my home and classroom has been truly rewarding, and I wanted to pay it forward. Would you mind sharing these resources on green energy with your audience?

Harness the Power of the Sun: The Complete Guide to Using Solar Energy

Composting 101

Going Green with Solar Panels in the Home

24 Ways to Make Your Classroom Eco Friendly This Year

Eco & Environmental Scholarships, Internships, and Activities

Go Green & Get Green: Tax Rebates and Incentives for Green Home Improvements

Green Jobs: A Resource Guide for Individuals with Disabilities

I hope these resources help others make a positive global impact of their own!


Aaron Thompson


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