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E-Scrap For Camp, Sunnking



Turn your old electronics into funds to support Camp Good Days & Special Times! (E-Scrap)

Sunnking, in partnership with Camp Good Days and Special Times, has created a program entitled E-Scrap for Camp to turn old electronics into funds to help improve the quality of life for children, adults and families whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Business and organizations in the Buffalo and Rochester area are encouraged to sign up to collect electronics from their employees, friends and family members for a one week period during the month of March 2017. Sunnking will provide boxes to collect electronics and will pick them up for free! For every pound of electronics that Sunnking recycles from your organization, a portion of the proceeds will donated to Camp Good Days to fund future programs.

Please note: This event is for employees, friends, and family members only. Please do not hold open collections for the public.

How It Works 

  • Each participating location will have the opportunity to collect electronics from employees, friends, family and the business for 1 week during the month of March (Your collection week will be determined by your location).
  • Collection boxes and pallets will be provided by Sunnking the week prior to your scheduled collection at no cost (Box dimensions are approximately W48″ x L40″ x H48″ and they sit on top of a standard pallet).
  • Electronics will be picked up by Sunnking the week after your scheduled collection and recycled at no cost.
  • Sunnking will track and record the net weight of electronics recycled from each participating location and will provide a report and Certificate of Donation at the end of the campaign.
  • At the end of the campaign Sunnking will donate a portion of the proceeds to Camp Good Days for every pound of electronics recycled.*
*We will not be making a donation on the weight of CRT devices
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