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Plastic Water Bottles, Think Before You Drink!

Here’s a bit of information in regards to the global problem of waste produced by plastic water bottles here on Earth! Soon to be a much, much bigger problem than we realize, if we do not make some changes immediately!!!!!

Facts on Plastic Water Bottles

  • Reusing 1 glass bottle will prevent the purchase and consumption of more than 240 plastic bottles every year
  • One plastic bottle will take more than 450 years to completely break down (that’s 25 generations!)
  • This year, more than 250 billion pounds of plastic will be created with very little of that production ever being recycled – that’s about 37 pounds of new plastic created for every single person on the planet
  • The number of disposable plastic water bottles consumed in the US in 2010 could fill 849,941 school buses (double the number of school buses on the road today)
  • The U.S is the largest consumer of plastic bottled water in the world  Annually, Americans consume more 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water each year  The average U.S. citizen consumes more than 21 gallons of water every year
  • The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water
  • Only 10% of the cost of bottled water goes to the actual water, the other 90% goes to the packaging, transportation and marketing
  • More than 75% of plastic water bottles are never recycled, they’re simply thrown away
  • PET (plastic) water bottles generate more than 121 million tons of waste each year
  • Manufacturing & filling the plastic water bottles, on average wastes 30-40% of the water involved in the process
  • It takes 47 million gallons of oil to create plastic water bottles each year
  • Every year in the U.S. in excess of 38 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills
  • 15 billion pounds of plastic are produced in the U.S. every year & only 1 billion pounds are recycled
  • Every year at least 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals & sea turtles die when they entangle themselves in plastic pollution or ingest plastics
  • In the U.S. 1,500 plastic water bottles are consumed every second. 70% of those will never be recycled.
  • 90% of the trash in the ocean is from plastic
  • At least 40% of bottled water is tap water

Sources: Algalita, American Beverage Council, Environmental Working Group, National Resources Defense Council, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Project Aware, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, U.S. National Highway Transportation Board

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Infographic Source: Insinkerator


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