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Plastic Food Project:Pierluigi Potsy Monsignori

plastic food project

Plastic Food Project

Waste reduction, a “flash mob” in Citta di Castello to sensitize citizens. To make it Saturday, November 28th in Piazza Matteotti will be students of the technical center “Franchetti-Salviani” participating in the project “Plastic Food Project”. Also present the information point, where will Arrange them information material.

CITY OF CASTLE. A “flash mob” in Piazza Matteotti, Saturday, November 28 to 11, in Citta di Castello to make all on the importance of waste reduction: to achieve it will be students of the technical center “Franchetti-Salviani” participating in the project “Plastic Food “conceived by Pierluigi” Potsy “Monsignori, who has worked for ten years in the field of waste reduction through exhibitions of” Land Art “and lessons in schools. The manifestation of Citta di Castello, which uses among others sponsored by the Ministry of the Umbria Region, is part of the more than 5000 actions organized in Italy and 12,000 in Europe at the seventh edition of the European Week for waste reduction, November 21 to 29, whose theme is the dematerialization, ie as “do more with less.”

In Piazza Matteotti will install a “ecoballa” that “will represent – explains Monsignori – modern society with its social and economic values. The art installation and the 3D printer will be able to speak of modern society, how we are acting and where we are going. ” Students, through their information point, will distribute informational materials explaining the meaning of the installation, the moral and social values.
“A key priority for the company today – said the creator of the Plastic Food Project – is not so much recycling, since the reduction of waste at source: their non-production. By practicing dematerialization, you can reduce the production of waste and, thanks to technologies like 3D printing, not only assists in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but they become the main actors. “

The technology can “lead us to a significant reduction of plastic packaging and plastic waste in general, and we can go directly to the use of services, while improving the use of the materials.” By capitalizing on the lessons learned from the lessons of Alessandro Ricci and Pierluigi Monsignori, together with the teachers of the technical center, on “Plastic Food Project” and 3D printing, the students will create workshops and prepare information materials that will be used both in school and distributed to citizens. The same students will then lecture to fellow of the Institute of “Plastic Food Project” and 3D printing, and the value of a new environmental consciousness.

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