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Green Business Ideas for The Eco-Minded

green business

Green Business

The greatest contribution that a present-day entrepreneur can make to the environment preservation are not donations to ecological organizations. What will have a stronger impact is launching your business on green foundations. However, it won’t be easy. On one hand, you should choose a niche in which the level of environment protection is low, so that your work makes a difference to the natural world. On the other, it’s still a business, so it needs to generate enough profits to survive the harsh market struggle. Some of the following ideas might give your inspiration for a sustainable, green business.

New inks for old printers
Ink cartridges shouldn’t be thrown away into ordinary dust bins. First of all, they contain artificial colors that harm the environment. Secondly, they come in plastic containers. Since a large number of organizations and companies still print a lot of work materials, launching an ink-refill startup could be a great eco-friendly business move. The major advantage of this business is that you can start it from home. For instance, turn your garage into a refilling laboratory and storage space for ink – no additional overhead expenses and no traveling to work.

Landscaping for a living
People sometimes take landscaping for granted. However, this profession requires a lot of time and effort to reach perfection. From an economic point of view, this option is extremely attractive because you can do it as a part-time job, after regular work hours or at weekends. Also, it’s already a green business.
However, if you want to make it green in ecological sense, take a few classes from an experienced landscaper, so that you really maintain greenery without damaging it. Moreover, get some used tools and have them repaired – less spending, less harm to nature. Furthermore, use only electric lawn mowers or a scythe, if possible. The former will leave lower carbon footprint than engine-powered mowers would, while the latter won’t leave any. Plus, you’ll look hipper using this cool grass-cutting tool.

Selling refurbished tablets
According to a report made by eMarketer and published by the Guardian, there were about 33 million tablet users in the UK in 2015. Larger markets have seen even higher figures when it comes to the use of tablets. Since those devices break down, just like any other gadgets, there’s a growing demand for people who can repair them. So, what you need is a gadget technician and a small business space. You can search for broken tablets on the Web, repair them and then sell them to other people. That way, you’ll contribute to reducing electronic waste and earn a few extra bucks. This can be done as a second job, as well.

Growing organic food
As shown in the latest report by FAO (UN Organization for Food and Agriculture), almost 800 million people don’t have enough food. Pollution is one of the main reasons for such a condition. This is why one of the most environment-friendly business ideas is growing organic food. By joining the organic crew, you’ll reduce the use of pesticides and other contaminants. Hence, if you’re in for this type of business, find a proper patch of land. However, perform a soil testing procedure before you buy it. The results will tell you whether or not you can grow organic food there. Once you’ve found the right patch, talk to agricultural experts, to see what plants or fruits are needed on the market and plant them. Also, start attending a course in organic food production and strictly follow the guidelines issued by the USDA or your national counterpart of this agency, if you don’t live in the USA.

A few easy pieces for established entrepreneurs
Apart from those enterprises whose main goal is preserving the environment directly through their work, other businesses can contribute to the environment recovery in other ways.

  • More bikes, fewer fumes – Business owner should encourage their employees to go to work by bike. This commuting policy plays a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint. For instance, the Danish Government even offers tax deductions to employers who encourage their workers to travel to work by bike.
  • Lower water consumption – Businesses simply waste too much water. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to reduce water consumption in their offices. For instance, install nozzles on all your water taps. Also, add dual flush toilets to your office lavatories.
  • Saving electricity – Equip your offices with smart thermostats and A-class (labeled Energy Star in the US) electronic devices. Also, turn off the devices and lights when you aren’t using them.

The future will bring even more ecological challenges to business owners than it is the case today. However, you should accept those changes and be among the forerunners of those innovations. Taking such an attitude will ensure more work for your business and it will help save our planet for new generations.

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